SOU's impact reaches out far and above the town of Ashland. There are people all over the world in the fields of science, business, the arts, academia, athletics and education who received their degrees here in our Rogue Valley.

SOU's impact reaches out far and above the town of Ashland. There are people all over the world in the fields of science, business, the arts, academia, athletics and education who received their degrees here in our Rogue Valley.

Exciting things are happening at SOU, not only in Ashland, but here in Medford at their Higher Education Center. Concerts, lectures, plays, art shows, recitals and other venues are open to the public. There are youth programs from Academy for able fifth- to ninth-graders, to sports, Lego, science and ethnic camps.

As for athletics, SOU has nationally ranked men's and women's teams participating in everything from football to lacrosse. The games are exciting. The student-athletes and coaches are to be commended for their hard work and dedication to their sports and academics.

If you have ever attended SOU you are eligible to join the SOU Alumni Association. For less than the cost of one mocha a month you could be supporting the Alumni Association in providing scholarships for exceptional students and promoting the university, as well as receiving the benefit of special deals from local businesses. Details can be found at, or contact the alumni director, Mike Beagle at 541-552-6874. — Carol Moody, Medford

I noticed that your newspaper devoted two days of front-page, above-the-fold coverage to the hunter who shot the bear. I am waiting for a third story (front-page, of course) showing the bear's carcass mounted in the hunter's dining room or the like.

Such stories of "bravery" must titillate your readers. Seriously, wasn't there any news interesting to the readers in the last days of the campaign? Just thought I'd mention it. — Linda Barnett, Ashland

I read the interesting article on Operation Christmas Child. While the thought is wonderful, do these organizations and churches realize there are hundreds of children right here in the Rogue Valley who will receive nothing for the holidays?

They also need toys, food, school supplies and hygiene items. I can't believe that we also aren't taking care of our own. It could be one of your neighbors.

How about for every box sent overseas, we have an equal amount for our neighbors who also are in need? — Linda Danielson, Phoenix

Unlike Hartley Anderson's "I'm delighted Obama won" (Nov. 8), I'm not. Nonetheless, I concede Republicans deserved to lose the recent presidential election big-time! Furthermore, I have total contempt and dislike toward both Socialist Party A (depraved Democrats) vs. Socialist Party B (reprobate Republicans)!

But it's Republicans who are most disgusting! Their rotten vile treatment of Ron Paul during the Republican National Convention in Tampa was predicated upon premeditated deceit, treachery and criminal malfeasance. Too, Christians and churches who willfully suck up, defend, promote and embrace the Republican Party "are not providing things honest in the sight of all men." — Romans 12:17.

Fortunately, the Constitution Party of Oregon does (

Coach Dave Daubenmire's July 12 commentaries, "Big Talkers, Little Doers" and Sept. 27 "Toeing The Party Line," Devvy Kidd's June 27 "Are Americans Really This Stupid?" Chuck Baldwin's Sept. 6 "Where Do We Go from Here?" and Nov. 12 "No Change" all remain archived via Considering immoral voter approval of same-sex homosexual marriages in several states, I ask the question: "Why Should God Bless America?" — James A. Farmer, Ashland

We were privileged to attend the Cheers to the Years charity ball that benefited Kids Unlimited. It was sponsored by Twin Creeks Retirement Home, Fountain Plaza and Horton Plaza. The decorations were awesome and the food was elegant. — Carol and Bill Russell, Medford

Regarding "Swimming proposal hung out to dry" (Our View, Nov. 11): Swimming pools are beneficial year-round, yet I marked no on the ballot. The city's asking price was ridiculously inflated.

A basic Olympic-size pool can be built for less than $750,000. A luxury covered pool, such as the one the city wants at Hawthorne Park, can be built for less than $4 million. Both luxury pools the city wants can be built for less than $8 million, but the city wanted $14.5 million.

The city wanted 73 cents a month added to our utility bills to pay for operating and maintaining the pools. The city also wanted to charge up to $5 for adults and up to $3 for children to use the pools. Considering that these were to be public pools paid for, operated and maintained with public tax dollars, these additional charges are ludicrous.

If the swimming pools are paid for with tax dollars, they are public pools. Charging city residents to use public pools is an additional tax. Facilities paid for by tax dollars belong to the public. Government is not to charge the public for using public facilities. Government is not intended to be a for-profit business. — Randall Hale, Medford

With support from more than 760 registrants, and the generous donations from the nearly 150 corporate, business and individual sponsors, our fourth annual Monster Dash Run for Education raised nearly $18,000 for the Ashland public schools. Over four years, we have now raised more than $50,000 for the schools.

This event was hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Ashland and leading sponsor Yogurt Hut to raise funds for the Ashland Schools Foundation's Impact Grant program.

You came out, you got involved, and you joined the community for the fourth annual Monster Dash! This year we had 390 runners finish the 5K and 10K races, and 250 runners/walkers/strollers who finished the one-mile walk/run.

Congratulations to the race participants, and a big thank you to all the volunteers! — Ron Parker, president, Ashland Kiwanis Club