Enemies of the future

In "Our Energy Future" (Sunday, Nov. 25) Chamber of Commerce CEO Donohue argues only for short-term profits, ignoring the destruction of this planet as a habitable environment for future generations.

Donohue promotes shale development for oil and fracking for gas as though they're benign activities. In fact, the open-pit tactics of oil shale production destroy the land. Worse, it takes more energy to extract the oil than it provides — so energetically it's a total bust. Additionally, it is the most carbon-polluting oil production method of all. Donohue also ignores the carcinogens that are pumped into our groundwater (drinking water) through fracking.

The evidence suggests this planet will likely be uninhabitable if we allow the temperature to increase 2 degrees Celsius above historic averages. We are four-fifths of the way there. This means we can only afford to pump another 565 gigatons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere before future generations pay a steep price.

Known fossil-fuel reserves amount to five times that total (2,795 gigatons). We must leave most of this in the ground.

Fossil fuel corporations and Donohue's Chamber of Commerce — where profits trump lives and future generations — are enemies of the future. — Alan Journet, Ph.D., Jacksonville

No excuse for escape

I live just a few short blocks from the Jackson County Jail. Recently I'm having great difficulty not screaming at my television. Sometimes I just break out in laughter.

Anybody who has been inside the Jackson County Jail knows there is no good excuse for anybody to ever escape — ever!

Sheriff Winters should be ashamed of himself! All of them should be ashamed of themselves! Whatever the legalities, regardless of how short-handed they are, there is just no good reason. — Donna Finkenbinder, Medford

No longer the USA

The article in Tuesday's paper on states petitioning to secede from the U.S. was interesting, and would be wonderful if it could happen.

But the states would never be able to do that, nor if we could, would the state of Oregon do that, due to its political leaning and actions.

Since the election, I have decided that we are no longer the United States of America (USA) but are the Un-United Socialist States of America, (USSA).

I pray for my children and their children and the generations to come, that they will not be living in a USSA or in a Godless Chinese Republic of America.

But what I am really afraid of is for them to be living in daily fear of terrorism. The radicals of the Middle East will always hate Americans and will never change. We need leaders that realize this and do more than just bow and talk. We need to "Walk softly but carry a big stick," and not be afraid to use it. — Jerry Wojack, Central Point

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