I understand our country is teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff. If something is not done, we will plunge into financial oblivion.

I understand our country is teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff. If something is not done, we will plunge into financial oblivion.

Not to fear, I have the solution. President Obama simply declares the U.S. bankrupt. I realize the Constitution does not provide for such action, but Obama ignores that document anyway.

Under bankruptcy, Obama would reorganize the country. He would tear up the Constitution, abolish Congress (we don't need those clowns anyway, and we'd save money). We could pay off our creditors by giving away a few of our red states. China could get Texas, they are threatening to secede anyway. Russia is a natural for Alaska.

Obama would assume the title of King Potentate, or simply MBW (Miscellaneous Big Wheel) and build his palace in Chicago, complete with throne room, basketball court and golf course.

No more endless political campaigns — money saved. And all those D.C. attorneys would need to get real jobs — more dollars saved. Our troops would be called home to protect Obama — more money saved.

Liberals would dance in the streets and nobody cares about the Republicans anyway. — C. Beck, Medford

In the Nov. 26 letters to the editor, Thomas Johnson states he traded his vote for a gift from President Obama and was thankful for an early Christmas present.

So, lets look at a few of the items in Obama's early present that Mr. Johnson appears to be celebrating: a debt that is more than $16 trillion and growing, a failed stimulus package, Fast and Furious with no resultant consequences, a rejection of the Keystone pipeline and the American coal industry, a reluctance to call a terrorist a terrorist, the current Benghazi mess that resulted in the destruction of the American flag, American property and the death of four Americans — also with no consequences — a concerted effort to reduce our military strength (remember Obama's comment to Medvedev?), more than 1 million Americans from 50 states who want to secede, and China preparing to use our oil resources in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota.

However, as Obama's gift is certain to keep on giving, Russia, China and Iran will also be thankful for an early Christmas present! — John Mittendorf, Medford

I think $50,000 can be better spent than preserving the former Greyhound archway. No child will learn better, grow stronger, appreciate beauty or be healthier by having that particular piece of history in place. Let's use that money to address real needs right now. — Dolores Scheelen, Medford

I also received a $5 late fee charge on my CenturyLink bill for a supposed 58 cent nonpayment. This was, of course, inaccurate in every way, so I just wanted to add my complaint to the letter of Nov. 29 by L. Hanson. Just concerned about how many more people were charged. Mine was reversed, but many may not notice. — K. Moore, Ashland