CenturyLink would like to respond and resolve customer issues sent to the Mail Tribune's Letters to the Editor regarding billing questions.

CenturyLink would like to respond and resolve customer issues sent to the Mail Tribune's Letters to the Editor regarding billing questions.

We were recently made aware of a billing error, which appears to have affected our Oregon customers, in which a late payment charge of $5 has been billed erroneously. As a customer-focused company, CenturyLink is proactively researching to find all affected customers and credit their account. If you were affected by this issue, please call our billing department at 800-244-1111 so we can immediately remove the charge from your bill.

— Heather Koch, marketing development manager, Central Oregon/Eugene/Southern Oregon

The highlight of my week is the hour I spend as a SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) volunteer at White City Elementary. I don't know much about teaching little kids to read, but I get help from the coordinator when I need it. They tell me that the simple act of showing up and spending time with the first- or second-grader assigned to me is the most important part of it.

There's just something about having a little kid get excited about reading a book that gives me hope for the future. Unfortunately, there are too many other kids who don't have SMART readers but would love to have one — and it's only an hour a week. SMART is funded entirely by donations — no taxpayer money is used.

To find out more, go to www.getsmartoregon.org/about-smart/local-offices/rogue-valley-area/ — Gretchen Hunter, Eagle Point

Harper's Grove disc golf course in White City needs to be reopened immediately, with full apologies to the property owner for the inconvenience of having to remove the disc golf baskets. That disc golf course is conveniently located and people who play disc golf are people who bring their business to the community, such as dining and shopping.

Hello! People are driving all the way from Ashland to play there! And especially they were looking forward to it this winter, when Grizzly Peak will be inaccessible. Now, they have to take their business all the way to Grants Pass.

Disc golfing is a wholesome athletic sport, and White City should be very thankful and accommodating to Harper's Grove for helping to give the city a better reputation.

It can be known as a city with a wonderful disc-golfing course, instead of just poverty, drugs and crime. People can have an opportunity to play disc golf in their midst, something fun and positive and healthy to do. When something so positive is there, it should be embraced, not eliminated. Thus, our local leaders must work kindly and generously with the property owner to keep Harper's Grove disc golf course open for all to enjoy. — Patti Morey, Ashland

As usual, there are a few who adopt one set of rules for the world, another set for Israel.

More than 25,000 rockets have hit Israel in the past eight years. Would the U.S. wait even eight hours before destroying Mexican rocket sites bombarding San Diego? Doubtful.

Huge massacres occur every day in Syria. Do "righteous" Americans utter any protest? No. Only Israelis must defend themselves with one hand tied behind their backs. Israel sat quietly absorbing deadly rocket attacks and deaths of its citizens and the world was shamefully silent. But when Israel targets known murderers, offices of terror organizations, terror training camps and electricity stations, it is castigated.

The Palestinian leaders say often, loudly and sincerely that they want Israel off the map of the world and its citizens gone. Do your readers know that Israel dropped warning leaflets and made 20,000 warning calls to spare innocent Arab lives? Conducting a defensive war after years of provocation isn't bullying. — Stan Shulster, Ashland