A real problem

Let's see if I understand this correctly. The president wants $1.6 trillion in new, higher taxes, but only $600 billion in spending cuts (with more than half of that from Medicare). And he wants to call this "reducing entitlement spending"? Seems like fuzzy math at its best.

And all this in spite of our current, out-of-the-stratosphere, $16 trillion debt. Plus, he wants unlimited power to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling. (Which would raise the question, "Why even have a ceiling?")

And Mr. President thinks the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has a problem? Well, I agree with him because they do have a real problem — it's called our current president and his policies and intentions. — Janet Eck, Ashland

Tree lighting disappointing

We were really disapointed when my wife and I went to the downtown Medford tree lighting. We got there just before 5:30, and the whole event was over. The tree they put up this year is horrible, and I was looking forward to hot chocolate and seeing Santa in the sleigh. I donated to them just for events like this, but it was not there. If I knew that it would not be here every year I would have never have given it to them.

This festival was a joke, and the money spent on it was a waste of money. Our city deserves better. Clean up your act, Medford, or people will go elsewhere for their holiday fun. We will be enjoying Jacksonville and Ashland in the near future and won't look back. — Jerry Tinsley, Medford

A huge thank-you

I went to the Eagle Point Walmart a few evenings ago and was just running in for a few items. I came out of the store, it was raining, I was in a hurry, I parked my shopping cart near the entrance — with my wallet still in it! I realized this the next morning.

When I calmed down and got blood flow back to my brain, I called Walmart. The best thing you can ever hear is, "Yes, it was returned to our customer service department."

The man I got my wallet from that day didn't know who returned it. I don't know if it was an empoyee or a customer, but I really want the person to know how much I appreciate you returning my wallet. Good karma leads to a long life! I will pay it forward. Thank you again! — Carrie Driskell, Butte Falls

A Christmas wish list for pets

1. To not live on a chain, but instead be free to live in a fenced area.

2. To have warm shelter from the cold — maybe just an Igloo dog house, or to sleep inside at night.

3. To have fresh, unfrozen water every day in the cold winter months.

4. To be spayed or neutered so that there won't be litters that end up at the animal shelter hoping to get homes.

5. To get attention, even just a little bit. Maybe even be brushed once in a while.

6. For their master to adopt a dog or cat, and save a life.

For any or all of these wishes, your pet will give you a lifetime of unconditional love and be your loyal companion.

God bless us all. Have a safe and happy holiday season. — Leslee Freeman, Ashland

Executive orders

I am pleased to see that people are learning about presidential executive orders. President Barack Obama has issued about 140 executive orders in the past four years. President George W. Bush issued about 290 executive orders during his eight years as president. Apparently when a Democrat does it, it's unconstitutional and bypasses Congress.

Perhaps the more than 150 Senate filibusters which Republicans have made in the past four years to block Senate bills from even coming to the Senate floor for debate might contribute to a president deciding to bypass Congress.

Remember, in recent times all senators need to do is say they might filibuster a bill to block debate from happening. Needless to say, the Senate has become an ineffectual governing body in the past two years. — Ronald Steffani, Ashland

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