CORVALLIS — Three Oregon State football players spent the weekend in jail following a bar fight and have been suspended indefinitely from the team.

CORVALLIS — Three Oregon State football players spent the weekend in jail following a bar fight and have been suspended indefinitely from the team.

The three — Rudolf Fifita, Mana Rosa and Dyllon Mafi — were arraigned on misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges Monday.

"They're suspended right now and probably will remain that way,'' Beaver coach Mike Riley said.

The players were released from Benton County Jail on Monday and are scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 10.

They were involved in a fight at the Impulse Bar & Grill in Corvallis early Saturday morning. One of the two victims alleges that Fifita, a senior defensive end from Euless, Texas, punched him in the face after an argument in the restroom. The victims were bloodied with numerous facial injuries, according to a court affidavit, but refused medical care.

Daniel Lovato, a bar employee, said he and a bouncer found one of the victims on the bathroom floor in a seated position with the other hunched over him as the three suspects were throwing punches.

According to the affidavit, Rosa, a junior defensive tackle from Haiku, Hawaii, and Mafi, a junior linebacker from Oakland, Calif., were identified as suspects who joined the fight. The players were arrested after fleeing the bar and running south across the OSU campus. All had shed clothing and changed hairstyles before Corvallis police officer Mike Withington detained them.

Police are seeking a fourth suspect, who has not been identified.

After the altercation, which occurred around 2:20 a.m. Saturday, the 26-year-old Fifita was taken to Linn County Jail. Rosa, 21, and Mafi, 20, were taken to Benton County Jail.

Bail was set for $157,750 for Fifita and Rosa and $161,000 for Mafi, a minor.

All three players face two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of second-degree disorderly conduct. Mafi faces an additional charge of misrepresentation of age by minor and also was cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

Penalties for the assault charges carry possible sentences of one year in jail.

"They're good friends, good teammates — they're not those typical types of guys,'' said cornerback Jordan Poyer, who was arrested for trespassing this spring at the same bar.

Asked to explain such behavior, Riley called it "horrible'' and said his players aren't immune to making poor decisions, the first of which was putting themselves in a position where they could get into trouble."

All these things are always about choices,'' Riley said. "Guys make their own beds, so to speak. Not too much good happens at that time of day."

Fifita had been one of the unsung heroes of a much-improved OSU defense. He had 13 tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and was third on the team in sacks (21/2;) and fourth in tackles for loss (51/2;).

Rosa had four tackles and a sack; Mafi had three tackles and a forced fumble.

"Somebody else will step in and be fine,'' Riley said. "It's not going to cost us a game. It hurts us, though. That's what these guys don't think about.''