Community Santas have some big stockings to fill for a single mom struggling to make her way with four young children.

Community Santas have some big stockings to fill for a single mom struggling to make her way with four young children.

Sarah, a victim of domestic violence, is still dealing with broken front teeth and chronic neck pain from past beatings. She wants more than anything to provide her children with a bright future.

Staff at the Family Nurturing Center say they can feel the love, respect and playfulness between this mother and her children, in spite of the harsh realities they all have experienced.

Sarah is thankful to have a roof over her family's head, even if it is a leaky one. But she's growing concerned about the colder nights, since the family relies on one small space heater for warmth. In addition, as winter quickly approaches, rats have taken to living on her porch.

Sarah is worried that they might infest the house soon if she cannot get rid of them.

The family also does not have a working oven, meaning that Sarah does all of her cooking on the one working stove top, the griddle, and in the microwave. She also washes the children's clothes by hand or drives to the laundromat, since her washing machine is broken.

More than anything, Sarah would love to have a Christmas with her family in a warm, safe home. The family could really use gift cards to Sears for appliances, gift cards to Home Depot for home repair items, and gas cards. They also could use help from community professionals, such as roofers, pest controllers, home repairers and dentists (Sarah does not have dental insurance). Sarah and all of the children would benefit from some new, cozy comforters and pillows, warm clothing and shoes, toiletries and presents, as Sarah cannot afford anything for her children this year.

Gift certificates to Kid Time! Discovery Experience, Roller Odyssey and the Family Fun Center also would be greatly appreciated. The children also would love different colored embroidery thread so that they can make friendship bracelets, something they really enjoy.

Rebecca, the youngest girl, wears size 4T and size 10 shoes. She would love some princess dress-up clothes and makeup (Chapstick, glitter, etc.).

Lexi, the middle girl, wears size 6-7 clothes and size 13 shoes. She is hoping to get some Barbies this year.

Cayden, the middle boy, wears size 6-7 clothes and size 4 shoes. He would love some Lego sets, such as "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings."

Leo, the eldest boy, wears size 31/30 men's pants and size M-L boy's shirts. He also wears size 81/2 shoes. He would love a gift card to a bookstore, Bionicles, and science/fantasy items.

Sarah also would benefit from some cozy clothes and boots, as she puts all of her resources into her children. Sarah wears size 8 pants, M-L tops, and size 7 shoes.

To help, please call the Family Nurturing Center at 541-779-5242 or visit it at 212 N. Oakdale Ave., Medford.