• Power on a plate

    Power Plate workout at Hidden Springs Wellness Center will challenge your stability
  • This will shake up your workout.
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  • This will shake up your workout.
    It's the Power Plate, a machine that vibrates in many directions while users do typical exercise motions and positions on it.
    The theory is that the vibrations make the body feel unstable, so it reacts by resisting the motion of the Power Plate, which demands a lot more performance, enabling you to accomplish 90 minutes of working out in 30 minutes.
    "You don't need any more than that, believe me," says personal trainer Mahalath Gordon, who leads Power Plate workouts at Hidden Springs Wellness Center in Ashland.
    The machine was invented by Russians to resolve the problem of bone-density loss for weightless astronauts, allowing them to remain in space longer, says Gordon. It since has been used for the Olympics and by professional sports leagues, including the NFL and NBA, she adds.
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