Three recent happenings in Medford cannot go without comment.

Three recent happenings in Medford cannot go without comment.

First: I believe Medford missed an opportunity with the Commons. If we took the historic doorway from the Craterian, the bus entry and a few old McDonald's signs arranged in a circle, we could have had "Arch Henge."

Second: Perhaps folks objecting to the armored SWAT vehicle will volunteer to clear the next standoff situation without it.

Third: Lastly, whose greed is directing cable and satellite wars? Fox 26 with DirecTV and now with Dish. The Pac-12 Network with everyone except Dish. Where are those rabbit ears? — Jim DeMont, Medford

The letter by Gerald Cavanaugh prompted this response. If a loved one of mine were murdered by one of those pea shooters, I would take no comfort in knowing it was merely a small rocket.

His reasoning reminds me of my five brothers playing "war" as youngsters. They would argue whether it would be better to die by being stabbed by a knife or shot with a gun. Or maybe a grenade would be best. Dead is dead, regardless of the weapon or its size.

The way I see it, if the Palestinians and other Arabs stopped trying to destroy Israel and let it live in peace, the conflict would end. If Israel stopped defending itself, it would be the end of Israel.

In the vast area of the Middle East, the Jewish people live in a minute part. It has been 64 years since the establishment of the nation of Israel after World War II. It's long past the time for the Arab countries to move on. — Carolyn Chamberlin, Medford

I worked everywhere I could work, from before I was of age all the way to my becoming disabled, and now my identity is stolen.

For what? Maybe it was sold internationally, maybe my identity is cover for many operations that big fish and businesses are using. Maybe some think that if you're unable to work you're not useful.

I believe there are groups of people using identities in many ways such as trafficking money. People's identities — and businesses, governments are using these methods.

I am living proof of this, and have evidence of this.

How can one survive if stripped of everything? Pretty soon we can't! — Sharon Epp/Sultz, White City

Thank you Mail Tribune for employing honest, upstanding people! I lost my wedding ring earlier this week and two of your delivery drivers found it in front of the Ashland Food Co-op. They informed the Co-op that they found a ring and the Co-op passed the information on to me.

My faith in mankind was restored meeting these two helpful, humble individuals when we met and they reunited me with my ring. In these modern times you hear plenty of negative stories about how people treat each other. I wanted to share a story about the positive side all human beings can aspire to be! — Rebecca Gyarmathy, Talent