In reference to the letter of Dec. 17 wanting a parity between how we view guns and cars, since they both kill people:

In reference to the letter of Dec. 17 wanting a parity between how we view guns and cars, since they both kill people:

Cars, a necessity in many people's lives, must be registered to the owner every year and one must be tested and licensed to drive them. The registration and license must be with the car at all times when it is in use. The use of cars is subject to enforced laws and regulations, and Congress regularly passes new safety requirements. While they are involved in many deaths, rarely is one used to kill a person or animal on purpose.

We don't want to take away everyone's gun, but I for one would be very happy to see the "double standard" removed and have guns treated more like cars. — Laurie Carter, Ashland

These disturbed individuals that preform these atrocities should not be the reason that I would lose my right to defend myself and family. You can't put someone in a psych ward because of something he said. You can't force them to take their meds. You can't get a restraining order without an act warranting it, so what's left?

Arizona had warning that Jared Lee Loughner was disturbed, and still did nothing.

Taking away my ability to defend myself is not an answer. Yes, there are a lot of bad people in this world, and I don't have an answer for that, but more gun control laws is just a knee-jerk reaction that won't stop the violence.

No one ever talks about the laws that these people break that are already on the books. Chicago and New York have strict gun laws, and look at them. Remember, Timothy McVeigh and the Sept. 11 attackers didn't use guns, and look what they did.

So, what else would you like to take away? — Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

My country 'tis of thee — for thee I cry.

Our society has become the most violent in the western world. Far too many movies, TV series, and video games have gratuitous violence and killings. Everyone is armed and shooting.

Surely these programs affect the minds of our young people and of the psychopaths who would attack innocent people.

Assault weapons are not designed for personal protection, hunting or marksmanship events — just for killing people. They were conceived for the battlefield, and that is where they belong.

How sad that young children must die for the lack of adequate gun control restrictions and our loss of humanity and the respect for life. — Leo Bardes, Medford

It pleases me to see that there is interest again in gun cuntrol. I am not interested in removing all guns from those who have a peaceful, nondestructive use for guns; but I do believe there are too many semi-automatics and handguns available for those who would not use them for defensive purposes.

Each time the control of guns is brought up, the Second Amendment is paraded and the issue dies. Why can't gun ownership and use be handled like any other dangerous issue, such as my automobile? In order to own and use my car, I must register it, show that I can use it safely, insure it so that any damage caused by the car has insurance coverage and, when not in use, keep it safe from others who would not use it with concern.

I do believe that if all guns were subject to those requirements, there would be fewer guns and we would all be better off for it. — Paul J. Brown, Central Point