The truth about the 'Cliff"

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, advised, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." President Obama keeps saying the "Fiscal Cliff" and the eventual increase in taxes for all are there because of the Republicans. The truth is he threatens to use his dictatorial veto power on any bills he doesn't like. Negotiations and balance of power? — Robert Simpson, Central Point

Fewer guns mean fewer deaths

It was a shame to read Rep. Dennis Richardson's views on the Newtown, Conn., shooting, where everyone lives in fear, waiting for the next unhinged teen to commit violence; where we should spend more taxpayer money on police and less on teachers.

The shooter's mom purchased guns to protect herself and her family. How did that work out?

Australia and Bogota offer real-world examples where fewer guns in circulation mean fewer gun deaths. Most teachers enter the career to foster professional relationships with their students and their curriculum. Similarly, when police enter a campus it should be to build meaningful relationships with students — not to frisk kids and inspect backpacks, establishing a culture of fear and mistrust.

I have nothing against the hunters in our community. Far too many people fail to keep their firearms out of the hands of teens. Oregon tax revenue is far better spent on counselors and social workers to provide interventions and resources than police officers at every school, or school staff firearm training. Family dinners, civic groups and places of worship provide opportunities for people to get to know each other and share joys and frustrations, something the Newtown gunman's mom would've benefitted from. — Bob Bath, Grants Pass

Writer is mistaken about NRA

Harry Freiberg is sadly mistaken when he says, "The NRA claims, for its clients, that anyone may own a gun and that anyone should be able to carry it and use it."

This is so far from the truth, it's almost laughable. Let's be honest. The NRA doesn't believe that felons or people with mental problems should ever own a gun. They believe the laws that are on the books now should be strongly enforced. — Richard Cody, Applegate

Have respect for viewers

As a faithful viewer of KDRV-TV, I am annoyed that we viewers had to read why Milt Redford and Scott Lewis disappeared from KDRV-TV in the Mail Tribune. Some kind of announcement would have been nice along with an introduction to the new weather man just as a matter of respect to the viewers. I am now getting my weather information on another channel. — Mary Neff, Medford

Two observations

Two observations on current events:

What if our elected politicians, both Democrat and Republican, just want more taxes from us, and feel that it would be political suicide to propose it? They may want us to go over the fiscal cliff so that neither party gets the blame for the tax increase.

With the terrible, tragic murders of the innocent children and teachers in Connecticut still fresh in our minds, could we ask our mental health care providers to identify people that they treat that are not safe to have a gun? These mentally ill citizens could be identified in a HIPAA-compliant program list and be turned down when they want to buy a gun or ammo. It would help to make our country a little bit safer. — Paul Schleinitz, Medford

Congress explained

When President Reagan closed the mental institutions many patients were given drugs and turned out to wander the streets. I've come to believe that many who did not take their medication wound up in Congress. — Linda Zigich, Medford

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