Fact, not fear

My father was a lifetime member of the NRA, as my two sons are today. I shot my first .357 pistol when I was so young that my reaction was, "Big noise, Daddy." (Of course, a light reload!) My Second Amendment rights are not only honored, but are part of my genetics!

The NRA's stance on high-capacity magazines and assault rifles is reprehensible, the excuse being, if the government takes one gun, it'll take our other guns. Let me ask you a question. When the government banned Thompson submachine guns, did they ban our hunting rifles or handguns? Did they "completely and forever" eradicate the Second Amendment, as NRA insinuates will happen if our government bans any kind of gun? The answer is no. Fact, not fear!

NRA is using fear to appeal to those who can be led by their ignorance. NRA needs numbers of members to have power. Power can become scurrilous.

My father and grandfather would have been ashamed of the NRA as I am. The NRA is feathering its own power nest by increasing the "sheep membership" out there! My worry is: Will the "sheep" overwhelm those of us who aren't, and stain forever the NRA? — Dawn Richardson, Rogue River

Control population growth

Being neither Democrat nor Republican, I watched the presidential debates with interest. I was impressed by the efforts of both candidates, and remember thinking America was fortunate to have such polished and competent men to choose from.

I felt honest regret with the realization one candidate would have to lose. In the end, I based my vote on what was the most pressing issue of the day to me, the ongoing survivability of the planet. Feeling the greatest threat to the future of the planet was runaway human population growth, I voted for Romney. I felt his concept of encouraging illegal aliens to "self-deport" was brilliant.

The U.S. cannot provide space and substance to everyone on the face of the Earth who wants to come here. It would be different if populations in the places from which they came were shrinking, but sadly, they never do.

As America absorbs castoffs from other places, the standard of living here continues to falter, advancing to a day when things will be bleak indeed. Runaway population growth takes a toll on diminishing resources and speeds up climate change. It's time to develop policies to save the planet for the future. — Robert Bennett, Grants Pass

District propaganda

The two recent Mail Tribune articles about Eagle Point School Superintendent Cynda Rickert and her three puppet board members appear to show evidence of a cover-up.

In my opinion, Rickert, Dole, Grissom and Olsen are all attempting to blame the Teachers Standards And Practices Commission for their mistakes. TSPC licenses administrators and teachers and gives them consequences for unethical or illegal behavior.

These three board members and superintendent appear to be caught red-handed and appear to be trying to convince the public that TSPC screwed up. The three board members give the impression Rickert was allegedly charged for actions taken by the three board members.

This appears to show that the board members don't know their duties as board members. They do not check if employees are licensed. They do not have direct control over line items in the bus budget. These are administration duties.

Under the watch of these four school leaders, there have been multiple lawsuits, a strike and now charges of misconduct. How much of the taxpayers' money is going toward legal fees? And since charges of alleged misconduct are against Rickert and not the school district, is Rickert paying her own attorney fees? — Ed McWhorter, Trail

Want it? Just ask

This letter is addressed to the thief who stole the baby Jesus doll out of the Nativity stable at 1567 Camp Baker Road, Phoenix.

If you wanted the baby doll so badly, all you would have had to do is knock on my door and ask for the doll. I would have gladly given it to you for your child or whatever reason you had to have it. Also, did you steal the first one 10 years ago?

Enjoy. Next year there will be another to replace it. God bless you. — Joyce Cook, Phoenix

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