Even though she's back in school, Amanda Wolfe hasn't stopped searching.

Even though she's back in school, Amanda Wolfe hasn't stopped searching.

Wolfe's grandfather, 87-year-old Truman Tollefson, went missing Dec. 5. He'd stepped out that evening for a drive to the bank and supermarket, a routine couple of errands. But he never returned, and police have not tracked him down after a month of searching.

"It's just really hard because you really have to move on without moving on," said Wolfe, a 19-year-old sophomore at Southern Oregon University.

Medford police have stopped actively searching but are still in touch with the family weekly and continue to take information.

"It's still an active investigation, and we are following up on information that comes in," Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau said. "We've reached a point where other than tracking his financial records and talking with the family, we've exhausted all leads on trying to locate him."

No suspicious financial activity has been reported. The last image of Tollefson is from surveillance video taken at 5:13 p.m. inside Wells Fargo Bank, 1320 E. McAndrews Road, the night he was last seen. There were a few possible sightings reported the first few days of searching, but none of them turned up anything concrete, police said.

Jackson County Search & Rescue also combed an area up on Dead Indian Memorial Road, responding to a potential sighting, but didn't find anything. Wolfe and other family members continue to be on the lookout.

"It's kind of like you're always looking, even if you're not purposely looking," Wolfe said. "You're more focused. Every little weird thing kind of jumps out at you."

She added friends and acquaintances have been very supportive and are helping where they can. They will text her an occasional picture of a car that looks like the one he drove — a heavily-oxidized silver 1981 Buick Century — to ask if it was him.

"We're doing the best we can. It doesn't go away. You still have to go on with your daily lives," Wolfe said.

Wolfe said her grandfather was lucid and did not have any diagnosed brain disorders like dementia.

Tollefson was last see wearing a tan coat, black jeans, white tennis shoes and glasses. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 135 pounds and is balding. His vehicle's Oregon license plate is NAL 564.

Anyone with information about Tollefson's whereabouts should call Medford police at 541-774-2200.

— Ryan Pfeil