Avoiding NFL blackout

Fellow DISH subscriber sports fans, there is an alternative to going to a bar to watch the NFL playoffs on Fox. When the networks went digital, I bought a converter at Radio Shack and some rabbit ears (total of around $50) to be able to watch sports while working in the garage. Since Dish and KMVU started their bickering, I've moved it into the house.

It's simple to set up and I get Fox perfectly. Add a $4 splitter and you can have local Fox and the other DISH channels.

So until the two parties quit acting like children and give us back the channel we pay for, I'll still be watching the playoffs in spite of their infantile actions. — Dave Hamann, Medford

Who will save you?

Let's think about a few things. First of all, not all people who own guns are bad or mentally ill. The guns are used for protection. I will agree with one thing, that when children are in the home, guns should be locked away.

Now I have some questions to ask you. Do you think that you will be safe in your home when the bad guy who won't give up his guns breaks into your home — perhaps to steal, rape your daughter or wife, or to kill you all? Because he would know you don't have a gun to protect yourself.

What if we are invaded by another country? Will you have protection? What if, God forbid, our government turns on us?

Think of this: guns don't kill people, people behind the guns kill people! What's next, knives?

So if we ban guns, let's not stop there. Let's ban cars — they're a weapon. How many people are killed each day because of the idiot behind the wheel? People are still texting on their phones, I see them every day. How about road rage?

Who's going to save you? — Joan Walsh, Medford

Thanks to rescuers

I would like to thank all the nice people who helped me after my sledding accident on Saturday, Dec. 29, at Union Creek.

The names Zach and John are a couple of names who I remember helping me. They did exactly the right thing by not allowing me to move and keeping me calm.

I am so lucky to not be seriously injured. My back should heal completely in about six weeks. I was told at the hospital that they see more sledding accidents than any other snow-related activities. Please, everyone, be careful, it can be dangerous.

Thank you again to all the nice people who helped me in my time of need. — Vicki Brombacher, Ashland

Keep it natural

There are more than 80,000 man-made chemicals in our environment. Our crops are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. Our food supply is laced with chemical preservatives, refined flour and sugar and refined salt that has been heated at 1,200 degrees — stripping out all of the beneficial trace minerals and adding aluminum as an anti-caking additive. Our grains are stripped of vitamins and minerals through processing; turning flour into poison. Our water supply has chlorine and flourine added to it for bacteria and tooth decay protection.

And now, science is attempting to alter the natural strains of our vegetables and fruits for the purpose of additional profit. Is it any wonder that we have an obesity and illness epidemic in America? Jackson County is our home. It needs to be the one place where we can feel comfortable that we have access to a healthy food and water supply.

Let's make Jackson County the starting point for successful natural farming. When we improve on farming and food production; let's make sure that we are not harming ourselves in the process. Keep it natural. Let's turn healthy food into profit, and show the rest of the country how it can be done. — Jim Spencer, Ashland

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