Belief turned on its ear

The family members who founded Hobby Lobby craft stores are born-again believers. The president, Steve Green, is passionate about the scriptures and plans to establish a Bible museum to display rare books and manuscripts from around the world.

He said, "We are interested in encouraging people to consider what (the Bible) has to say. The goal is to create a museum around the story of the Bible. No book has been persecuted or loved as much. Its story needs to be told."

An article in the Mail Tribune tells how the present regime mandated that they provide insurance for some procedures that are not in keeping with a Christian's convictions. They even went so far as to fine them one million dollars a day if they don't comply.

Then there is another job-killing story in the Trib about another Maryland company. Because this business owner is opposed to same-sex marriages, he is closing his wedding trolley tour business. As a Christian he is walking away from $50,000 a year revenue rather than compromise his convictions. This president would rather close down or heavily fine a business. This government is turning the belief system on its ear. — Huntley Barns, Medford

Here we go again

Regarding the Jan. 5 article "Clock starts on food safety rules:" Well, here we go again, "never let a crisis go to waste."

The $475 million-per-year cost to manufacturers to implement this invasive new boondoggle does not include the hundreds, if not thousands, of new inspectors' high-end salaries, bloated retirements and Cadillac health plans that "we the people" will be saddled with, plus more unneeded bureaucracy that could be be addressed with a few good lawsuits or the free market.

The public union thugs hanging out at our White House must be salivating with all the new union member "inspectors" who will be hired, shoveling monthly dues into their treasury. We the people have no seat at the table, as usual, and the small farms across America which will be saddled with additional job-killing regulations have no say with this camel's nose (hump) under the tent.

When are we finally going to stand up to this par acidic government crushing us with more bloated bureaucratic debt and say, "enough!" Want to see what's really going on here? Read "Shadow Bosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind." — Phil Dollison, Jacksonville

Facts vs. emotion

Help me understand why we should ban AR-15 and automatic rifles?

Facts: Twice as many people are beaten to death than murdered with rifles. FBI statistics from 2010 show 358 are killed by rifles versus 745 by hands, feet or fists. In Oregon, it's 1 vs 5.

Thomas Jefferson said arming the people was a must to protect them from a government gone awry.

This is happening right now as our freedoms are being subverted by over-regulation. I am counting on the largest standing army in the world, hunters, outdoors men and women and citizenry who own these rifles to make our government think twice about making us subjects instead of working for us. Let's put emotions aside and make laws via facts, reason and the Constitution. — Bruce H. Haugen, Medford

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