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  • Concerning the letters on guns in schools, I have never understood how we as a state could deny our teachers and administrators the right of self-defense by taking away their Second Amendment rights.
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  • Concerning the letters on guns in schools, I have never understood how we as a state could deny our teachers and administrators the right of self-defense by taking away their Second Amendment rights.
    These rights are "individul rights" per the U.S. Supreme Court. I support Rep. Dennis Richardson in his position to allow those employees who desire to carry a weapon with proper training to do so.
    Furthermore, I do not understand how the school district or the state escapes responsibility under the long-held legal doctrine of "in loco parentis" (in place of the parents). This doctrine places the responsibility and duty on the school to protect our children by acting as their parents.
    We are told the shooter in Connecticut carried three weapons, but we are not told which of the weapons he used or how many times they were fired. Yet there's all this hysteria over "assault" weapons. This must be about how the weapons look because the weapons function like any other semiautomatic or revolver — one shot per trigger pull.
    I am a retired 30-year police officer and an NRA life member. — Larry Lotton, Trail
    Although I am not against arming teachers at school, the issue is not that simple. Most teachers I know became educators to help children learn. Their personalities and training are not necessarily compatible with the additional duties of acting as law enforcement personnel.
    My son was a sheriff's deputy for a number of years in a heavily populated California county. He was dedicated, unafraid and consequently received many awards, including deputy of the year. The media labeled him a "one-man anti-crime force."
    Then, in the line of duty, he had to kill a violent parolee. Although the shooting was deemed justified, my son did not easily get over taking another's life. He had post-traumatic stress disorder and received months of counseling.
    Killing someone is not as simple as pulling the trigger. There is the aftermath, both emotional and legal. Has anyone considered potential lawsuits against the school district? And what about counseling? What entity will pay for that?
    We need to keep our children and teachers safe. I'm not against teachers carrying guns. But in the long run, it might be best to hire an armed guard for each school. Teaching is a big enough responsibility. — Margaret Bradburn, Eagle Point
    Did your world come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012? Neither did mine.
    I've been saying for years that the Mayan calendar maker chose that date only because he wanted to retire on an important point. The point he chose was the first day of winter.
    If you're looking for real prophecy, check out Revelation, Ezekiel and Daniel. The ancient Israelites and early Christians had it right.
    Stop wasting your time on things like Y2K and Mayan calendars. The Bible is the one true source for future events. — Ron Smith, Medford
    On Jan. 5, Ashland Boy Scout Troop 112 collected approximately 1,100 Christmas trees from all around Ashland. These trees would have ended up in our landfill or burned. Instead, they were recycled into chips to be used as mulch on city park trails.
    Thanks to the Parks Department for use of the Senior Center as a base of operations, Jeff McFarland and his crew for the chipper, the Ashland Lions Club and Scouts and adults from Pack 112 and Troop 112 for picking up trees, the kitchen crew, Darryl Grup for coordinating the project, and the people of Ashland.
    Donations to Troop 112 for this service will help fund summer camp and high-adventure treks. More importantly, all Scouts learned the value of community service. If we picked up your tree and you would like to donate for this service, send a check to: Troop 112, P.O. Box 839, Ashland, OR 97520. — John Engelhardt, Ashland
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