The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

So your right to bear arms is because you belong to a well-regulated militia that is designed to defend the United States against a foreign invasion. Gee, I thought I could buy an assault rifle because I have a fixation with loud powerful killing toys with a not-so-different affection than what prompts little girls to love their Barbies. — Ralph Bowman, Central Point

Thanks to community

At a time when so many are in need, Ray's Food Place of Phoenix put out donation cans at their checkout counters during the month of December for the benefit of the Neighborhood Diaper Bank. The money collected will be used to purchase diapers for those in need in Jackson County.

Several members of the First Presbyterian Church, also in Phoenix, made extra diaper donations at Christmas, over and above what had been donated earlier in the month. What a generous community! — C.J. Lipski, Director, NDB, Talent

Guns, autos, apples and oranges

The NRA argues that objects do not kill, people using them kill. Their favorite simile is to compare automobile deaths to gun deaths. The only valid point of the comparison is that people do indeed use them.

The reason we build automobiles is to get us from Point A to Point B at a reasonable speed and in a relatively safe manner. The reason we build guns is to cause harm by expelling a projectile at a great amount of speed for a relatively great distance.

I doubt a person gets into an automobile and purposely decides to drive somewhere and use the car to kill another person. That is the reason we have the word "accident" in our vocabulary. Certainly there are accidental gun deaths also; however, a person can make a decision to commit murder. The gun facilitates that decision by making it relatively easy to carry out the decision. Indeed, the person could use a knife, a bomb or their hands, but these are either harder to get or less efficient. — Ronald Steffani, Ashland

A Christian liberal

Poor Joan Walsh. I truly feel pity for her and the world of fear and paranoia she must inhabit.

Evil bad men from other countries are going to attack us, and self-appointed citizen soldiers will fight them off with our guns? Our own government "God forbid" will turn on us, and we must shoot our own people?

Again I say, poor Joan Walsh. Living life with this worst-case scenario mentality is unhealthy and just plain sad. I will pray that God eases her mind.

Yes, I am a wild-eyed Christian liberal who believes that God is good (search "Christian left" online. It's pretty interesting). I pray that sanity and reason will return to our country. — Jane Dow, Talent

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