Mail Tribune 100: January 17, 1913

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Jan. 17 — Wells Lounsberry of Medford, Ore., was convicted in the United States court here today on two counts — one of robbing the mails and the other of jeopardizing the lives of passengers. Insanity was Lounsberry’s defense, the prisoner insisting that he did not remember, and that he knew nothing of the robbery until charged with the crime.

It developed at the trial that Lounsberry is not in need of money, as he engaged quarters for his family at the best hotel here and was represented by high-priced counsel.

Mrs. Lounsberry remained at her husband’s side throughout the trial. The children were kept at the hotel and are ignorant of their father’s fate.

Lounsberry came here several years ago, purchased a tract of land between Jacksonville and Central Point and set it out to fruit trees. He had established a good credit at the banks, always met his obligations, lived quietly and was well thought of. He comes of a well-known pioneer Dakota family and his father is a prominent politician. He had been a railroad mail clerk before becoming an orchardist.

At the time of his capture, he was supposed to be east on land business and his arrest was a great shock to his friends. After identification, he confessed to having robbed the mail car at Redding a year ago.

Fourteen witnesses were subpoenaed from this section by Lounsberry and the government to testify as to his character.
KANSAS CITY, Jan. 17. — Lounsberry was sentenced to seven-and-one-half years in the federal prison this afternoon by Judge Poole.
PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 17 — Sheriff Judd W. Boyd of Red Bluff, Cal., is in Portland today with a warrant charging John Torgerson with killing James Miller at Vina, Calif., December 4 last. Torgerson is at jail here on a government charge of robbing four post offices in Southern Oregon.
Mrs. Arthur Dietz of Vina, Calif., with her two children, were with Torgerson at Roseburg when he was arrested by post office inspectors, and who accompanied the party to Portland, has made an affidavit for United States District Attorney McCort, in which she swore that Torgerson had told her he killed Miller.