Phoenix police are still on the lookout for a pit bull they believe to be a public danger.

Phoenix police are still on the lookout for a pit bull they believe to be a public danger.

The canine is one of two dogs that chased and killed a steer in the 2300 block of Houston Road in Phoenix on Dec. 14. One of the dogs was killed at the scene by patrol officer Adam Lewis, and the other ran away.

The dog that escaped is described as an adult pit bull, light brown in color and about 80 pounds. The dog killed by Lewis was a female pit bull that weighed about 50 pounds.

Both dogs had collars and looked well -fed and cared for, said Lewis.

"There is another dog out there that now has a taste for blood, and what will it kill next?" said Lewis. "My objective is to get that other dog off the streets before it kills something else."

Police have received a few tips, one of which led them to install a trail camera where someone said they saw a pit bull passing through a hole in a fence. But after two weeks, the only animals seen on the trail cam were cats and raccoons.

"I can't find it, and when I try to trap it, the raccoons and cats eat all the food," said Lewis.

Photos of the dog that was killed are available for viewing at the Phoenix Police Department by anyone who may be able to identify it.

Lewis believes the dog's owners could live in the area near North Rose Street and Arana Drive.

The dead dog was taken to Jackson County Animal Control, where authorities hoped the owners would come to claim it.

Police are hoping to speak with a man and woman in their 20s who identified the dead dog. They said they were friends with the owners and left without leaving any information behind.

"If citizens have questions, I'll talk to anybody if they think they can help," said Lewis, "I'll take help from anybody."

The resource officer at Phoenix High School has been notified about the dangerous pit bull. Authorities want to make sure those living in Phoenix are aware of the possible dangers the dog poses, and that they are in need of help locating it.

"Any tip is welcome even if you think it's insignificant. Any information would be much appreciated. I'll run down any lead I get," said Lewis.

If you have any information about the dog or its owners, call Phoenix police at 541-535-1113.

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