A proud day for America

Just think: Fifty years ago there were states in the U.S. that didn't let black people vote. Now, President Obama is being re-inaugurated on Martin Luther King Day. It's a proud day for America. — Michael Steely, Medford

Protect your rights

There is an evil stench coming from Washington, D.C., that is so foul, so manipulative, so dishonest and diabolical, that its very essence should make people sick.

The lies and total lack of respect for our laws and the Constitution are unfathomable. The goal of this evil is to destroy the Constitution and reshape this country from a land of the free into a land of subservient subjects. If they destroy the Second Amendment, then we have lost our abilities to protect ourselves, our freedoms and our liberties.

Hitler exterminated 20 million people 1933-1945, Stalin 20 million people 1929-1945, Red China 20-35 million people, 1949-1952, 1957-1960, 1966-1976, after all guns were confiscated.

Some of our current politicians do not take their oaths of office seriously. They sidestep the laws and Constitution whenever they desire.

"There is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away. There is a time to fight and that time is now come." — Peter Muhlenberg, Woodstock, Va., 1776.

United we stand, divided we fall. Protect your Second Amendment rights, your freedoms and liberties. God help us all. — Brett Holcomb, Talent

One Arpaio is enough

A note to our sheriff. If he wants to campaign for office, he should do so openly, near the coming election, not just after, and on his own dime. In the meantime I, and I think most taxpayers, expect him and all other law enforcement personnel to enforce the law completely, fairly and in a fully professional manner.

If for some reason he does not comprehend the law entirely, he should refer the problem in the correct format to the properly established authority; these are known as courts. If for some reason he cannot do this, I suggest a prompt letter of resignation. The public, pro and con, can do without the grandstanding. One Joe Arpaio is more than enough for the country. — Edw Goldhamer, Medford

Great politics, poor philosophy

Gee, I thought legislative bodies passed laws and county officials swore an oath to uphold those laws. I guess Sheriff Winters sees it differently, enforcing only those laws he agrees with.

Even Justice Scalia acknowledges that Second Amendment rights are not unlimited and subject to some legislative restrictions (see District of Columbia vs. Heller). The sheriff's position might be great local politics but it's a pretty poor law enforcement philosophy. — William Carter, Medford

Enjoying the view

Every evening I look forward to seeing this beautiful brightly lit Christmas tree that stands so tall upon someone's hillside. I just want to say thank you.

From my living room window in Phoenix, I find such peace looking at this beautiful symbol of Christ. In this world today it gives me a sense of hope and it's a constant reminder of what really matters in my life. I hope it affects others as it does me. I can only pray that the view from my window remains the same for as long as possible. — K. Bristow, Phoenix

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