How do you lock down a school when the doors leading into the classrooms cannot be locked from the inside?

How do you lock down a school when the doors leading into the classrooms cannot be locked from the inside?

it appears all the shooter at Sandy Hook had to do after he broke through the front door was walk into any classroom and shoot people at his leisure.

Medford classrooms all have locking doors, but for those that don't, I believe I have a very cheap and simple solution to this dilemma in the form of a wedge-shaped plastic device called a doorstop. You can buy them at almost any hardware store for under five dollars.

At the first sign of trouble, or a prearranged signal, the teacher or other personnel would take the stop out of his or her desk, walk over, slip it under the door and give it a kick to wedge it in place. That door is not going to be opened by anyone until the stop is removed.

Now you have a school that, for the most part, is really locked down. — Tom Rice, Medford

Closed captioning is not always mandatory for me, but it often makes TV more pleasurable to be able to understand most of the dialogue. Lately it seems that the closed-captioning window is always directly over another information window.

For example, when the weather report shows the temperatures for the upcoming week, where do you suppose the idiot CC engineer puts the CC dialog window? Over the temperature numbers, of course.

When the TV engineer brings up a data window showing the name of the golfer and the particulars of the current shot, you guessed it, the idiot CC engineer puts the CC dialog right on top of it. There ought to be a law. — Kenn Sorgatz, Talent

Your editorial of Jan. 24 chastising Josephine County voters for not voting for more taxes for more jails was very misdirected. The real problem with current taxation is that most of our tax dollars are going to a $16 trillion-in-debt federal government whose criminal insane wars and unconstitutional activities are transforming this republic into a bankrupt, fascist police state. That's the true tax problem!

When you and local and state governments fail to address the federal government's excessive grab for power and tax dollars, you just cop out dealing with where most of our tax dollars are going.

Do you really want more wars? More marijuana raids? More federal control of our local resources? Can't you see that there is no taxing-shortage problem — only a spending problem? Most of our tax dollars should be collected and spent locally. We are way over-taxed right now. Stop blaming voters! Start addressing the real problem of a bloated, fascistic federal government and how to redirect our tax dollars toward peace, freedom and prosperity. — Tom Clunie, Ashland