Thanks for generosity

"Somehow, not only for Christmas, but all the year through. The joy you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you. And the more you spend in blessing the poor and the lonely and sad, the more of your heart's possessions return to make you glad." — John Greenleaf Whittier

A warm shout out to our three Albertsons markets for encouraging Turkey Bucks and Joy Bucks from November through January. Ray's Market in Jacksonville and Grocery Outlet held canned food drives. Jewett and Howard elementary schools, Noah's Arc, Medford Senior Center and the Women's Ministry at Table Rock Fellowship gathered canned goods. Each gift, each moment that someone chose to care in a big or small way provided holiday meals for more than 500 families.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one who participated to show others we care. God's blessings from the volunteers at Table Rock Pantry. — Mike Ashby, Phoenix

So many topics

So many topics and only 200 words.

The Clintons: Vetted liar Hillary lived up to her reputation (Libya). Bill made another false statement by claiming the last two years of the Civil War was fought to end slavery.

President Lincoln: A great president! He did not blame the failed policies of President Buchanan. He focused on the problem and was diligent in preserving the Union. He had no time for golf.

The Emancipation Proclamation: Convinced England, a very antislavery country, to not buy cotton. The South's economy collapsed and the war was shortened.

"Lincoln," the movie: A bait and switch; the Thirteenth Amendment would be a more fitting title. A Lincoln movie would depict a man who believed that God governed the world and a slave was property belonging to the owner.

Abortion: 55 million unborn babies slaughtered since Roe vs. Wade.

Nearly $2 billion federal dollars: The $1.9 billion in federal funding for Oregon's Medicaid will end in a few years.

Six hundred thousand on Medicaid: For perspective, Portland has under 600,000 residents. One out of every seven Oregonians is on Medicaid.

$250 billion: the interest paid during 2012 to cover the national debt. We'll be spending over $1 trillion a year on interest by 2020. — Bill Hartley, Medford

Where was the outcry?

This is in regard to all of the letters bashing Sheriff Winters and the other law enforcement officers in the state concerning assault weapons. An edict or proclamation from the president or any congressional member, or an editorial opinion, on anything, does not make it a law. It must be voted on and passed by the legally elected members.

At present, there is no law that the sheriff can enforce regarding these legally owned weapons. I wonder why there was no great outcry against the illegal "Fast and Furious" guns that killed so many people in Mexico and two of our border agents, and possibly more of our U.S. citizens.

You can google "Fast and Furious" for more information. It seems to be a double standard. — John Feeney, Medford

Cats create the problem

On Jan. 15 a letter was published by Steve Kious regarding the Phoenix City Council's vote not to adopt a new ordinance for trapping nuisance cats.

First of all we already have laws on the books that maintain strict humane treatment of all domesticated animals. What Mr. Kious wanted was laws so strict that it would discourage anyone from trapping a nuisance cat. For what reason? He failed to mention that his cat was trapped because he allowed it to make a toilet out of a neighbor's yard. He believes that a cat has the right to do so.

He mentioned the possibility of a person's cat being trapped and the danger of the cat freezing in cold weather. What sane person would allow a cat to go out in freezing weather? He also said that it was unrealistic for cats to be kept indoors. That is not so.

Dr. Michael Fox, a noted veterinarian, has stated that cats do very well indoors; in fact, they become so accustomed to being inside and don't want to go outside. Let the truth be told. — Louis Junghans, Phoenix

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