Apparently Sheriff Winters has said he would not "confiscate" guns even if ordered to do so by the federal government.

Apparently Sheriff Winters has said he would not "confiscate" guns even if ordered to do so by the federal government.

That sounds reasonable. It is within his job description to deny any such mandates and it mirrors what our Founders specifically had in mind. They were experts in standing up to tyranny.

I find it alarming that so many citizens have lifted their skirts in horror at this. Are they actually that naive?

Don't they think this republic could, at some point, be in danger of collapsing? If they didn't realize that in November 2008, they should realize it now.

Our president has declaimed, "We tried it their way and it didn't work. Now we'll try it our way." Huh? Does he mean the safest, freest and wealthiest nation can be rejiggered in some other grand design?

Witless and very dangerous. — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

I am still fuming about the article where the "volunteer" is going to elementary schools indoctrinating these precious little minds about evolution ... It simply doesn't make sense! How can a dog and a frog and a panda and a zebra and a whale and all the other totally different animals, birds, sea creatures, and humans come from the same "slime"? A Big Bang simply didn't happen, no matter how far I stretch my mind, and still have a human body that has such an intricate reproductive system, heart, brain, liver, eyes, ears and on and on!

Macro-evolution is a "theory" which has never been proven. So, Mr. Eisenberg, talk on a subject you may be an expert in: geology, oil and gas, and earth science that can be proven ... not that a dog is a child's 27-millionth cousin.

Thank you to the high school teachers who think for themselves and are wary of introducing a subject in which they are not comfortable. Elementary teachers: Do not invite this man to come into your classroom and confuse these children who are having a hard enough time keeping verbs and fractions and presidents straight in their minds! — Peggy Nye, Medford

So King Obama has again pronounced. In his New Republic interview he states that any who disagree with him should be punished, and the media should shape the discussions of national issues to meet his expectations. What happened to three branches of government? Do we no longer have a Congress and a judiciary, but only an executive branch who must not be disobeyed?

The president implies that anyone who would disagree with him is flawed and that the media is "too friendly" with his opponents, not calling them out enough. Is this America? Obama may think so, but millions of Americans have a different view. Let's elect a president who will work within our system, not seek to become an emperor or a king. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

I read with great interest the MT article (Jan. 21) regarding the website that helps teachers and kids with evolution. Interestingly, the article lamented that many teachers shy away from teaching evolution and aren't comfortable with it themselves.

This dilemma should not be surprising when a 2006 Gallup poll indicated that a clear majority of Americans disregard evolutionary theory and a December 2004 Newsweek poll indicated 60 percent of Americans favored teaching creation science in addition to evolution in public schools. This is in direct contrast to the MT's subsequent opinion in Cheers and Jeers that "because some religious conservatives object to the teaching of evolution, many science teachers shy away from evolution."

The reluctance to teach evolution may stem from the fact that, as the movie "Expelled" graphically demonstrated, evolution and leading evolutionary scientists are unable to answer the question "how did life begin," and respected Swedish biologist and evolutionist Soren Lovtrup has stated — "I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science." In the interest of accuracy, perhaps more attention should be focused on the biblical account of origins in Genesis. — John Mittendorf, Medford

In response to the horrific night club fire in Brazil, I propose the following legislation:

1. Limit all Bic lighters to 10 flicks.

2. Limit lighter fluid refill cans to 1 ounce.

3. Ban all fireplace lighters... you know, the long, scary-looking ones.

Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? Yet, that's what's happening as we speak in Washington, D.C., sacrificing the Second Amendment to accomplish absolutely nothing. Tell me, folks, what part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand? — Dan Christianer, Gold Hill

Kathleen Heritage says Sheriff Winters' statement about "protecting legal gun owners" is ridiculous.

What if, on Friday, Jan. 25, Aispuro had gotten into her home like he had attempted on John Lewis' home?

Twenty-eight county sheriffs from Utah have submitted a letter to President Obama expressing heartbreak over murdered loved ones; however they state: "Lawful violence must sometimes be employed to deter and stop criminal violence. It is imperative that firearm-regulation discussion be had in Congress, not silenced unilaterally by executive orders in an effort to protect citizens from all forms of tyrannical subjugation. As the duly elected sheriffs of our respective counties, we will enforce the rights guaranteed to our citizens by the Constitution. No federal official will be permitted to descend upon our constituents and take from them what the Bill of Rights — in particular Amendment II — has given them. We, like you, swore a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation." — The Utah Sheriffs' Association.

Sheriff Winters is not the lone sheriff in Oregon, either, to agree with sheriffs across this nation. — Joe and Debbie Dauenhauer, Ashland

Your Jan. 27 edition states that 80 percent of men and 77 percent of women are overweight. All TV advertising is an alternation of fast food and weight loss pills. One gains the weight and the other — without any written guarantee — is supposed to lose the weight! — Richard Bickel, Central Point

Shame on the Mail Tribune for picturing one lone gun-toting protester and not showing the 75-plus people who supported sensible regulations in the Ashland march on Jan. 26. When does one surpass 75? It's time to get real. — Bob Carter, Ashland

Wouldn't it be awesome if people were as passionate and true believers of the Ten Commandments as they are of the Second Amendment? — J. Jones, Phoenix