07/18/62 - 1/30/13

Thomas Morgan Dalton Jr. passed away January 30, 2013. Beloved by so many, he is survived by his father, Thomas Morgan Dalton Sr.; his mother, Rosemary Dunn Dalton; his mother's partner, Marie G. Bagley; his sister, Molly Anne Dalton; his sister, Brigid Dunn Dalton; and many uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Tom was born in Detroit, Mich. and spent the last 39 years living in the Rogue Valley. He graduated from Southern Oregon University School of Business in 1994 and loved to work. He was a gardener, landscaper, and former employee of the Rogue Regency Inn and other restaurants. Tom loved the sound and feel of the wind, rushing rivers, tides, and dancing with his family. He was an avid sports fan and had an eagle eye for birding; an excitement for life and wildlife was his true nature. With loving thoughts, we wish peace for Tom and all living things.

...every creature on earth is pulling in the direction of life - every grasshopper, every struggling salmon, every unhatched chick, every cell of every blue whale - it is only our fear that sets us apart. (Derrick Jensen)

An event in Tom's honor will be held Saturday, March 23, 2013, 3-5 p.m. at Martino's Restaurant, 58 E. Main Street, Ashland.