• AP Interactive: Federal budget

  • This is an interactive look at the U.S. budget process, including spending cuts due to take effect March 1.

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    • { "type":"story", "title":"President's budget plan limits his bargaining power", "link":"/article/20130414/NEWS/304140366/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Border Patrol agents: Now is bad time for cuts", "link":"/article/20130412/NEWS/304120316/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Many newly released immigrants have records", "link":"/article/20130325/NEWS/303250308/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Budget balance is in eye of the beholder", "link":"/article/20130324/NEWS/303240311/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Late night: Senate Democrats working to pass budget", "link":"/article/20130323/NEWS/303230304/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Syria: Suicide bomb kills top pro-Assad Sunni preacher", "link":"/article/20130322/NEWS/303220315/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Senate catchall spending bill may be voted on today", "link":"/article/20130319/NEWS/303190306/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Democrats' budget blueprint goes easy on cuts", "link":"/article/20130314/NEWS/303140301/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"House Republicans offer proposal to balance budget in 10 years", "link":"/article/20130313/NEWS/303130322/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"House passes bill to keep government running", "link":"/article/20130307/NEWS/303070327/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Pentagon to furlough teachers, reduce commissary hours", "link":"/article/20130305/NEWS07/303050304/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"The unkindest cuts", "link":"/article/20130301/NEWS/303010320/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"http://www.mailtribune.com/storyimage/MM/20130301/NEWS/303010320/AR/0/AR-303010320.jpg" }, { "type":"story", "title":"National parks, forest prepare to see services trimmed by budget battle", "link":"/article/20130301/NEWS/303010322/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Budget cuts likely to be a 'slow-motion train wreck'", "link":"/article/20130301/NEWS/303010315/0/NEWS08", "imagelink":"" },