Not buying it

I cannot accept that Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan did not see problems coming with PERS payments and declining property tax revenue, as he negotiated and accepted perks for himself that people in our county cannot afford.

Pointing the finger now at public employee unions and wringing his hands has me betting this public employee will leave for greener pastures soon, now that the well is going dry. If Danny Jordan sticks around to fix the problem, then and only then will he have earned his income extras, in my opinion. He could also choose to return his perks in the form of monetary compensation to the county before finding another job. — S. Ducharme, Central Point

Come on down

Kudos to the Medford police for its swift action in apprehending a suspect who allegedly shot at teenagers recently on the Greenway. The officers' strong response and swift effort may just have averted harm to even more citizens.

Kudos to the downtown Medford revival effort. As was noted in a letter to the editor on Feb. 24, eating in downtown is highly recommended. I can second that, as I have tried several restaurants and have yet to be disapointed.

I took my father out for his 85th birthday to dinner downtown Monday night. The service was excellent, food fantastic, atmosphere exceptional and parking a breeze, and I have found the same with all the places I have tried. So many more places to try! I encourage all to come on down. — Linda Hulse, Medford

Barnack was easy on Taylor

I just finished reading the letter from Julia Sommer. She must never had known a victim of someone like Taylor or she would never have written her letter.

From the victim, the advocates, the police, and the judges, it has to be hard not to say more than they do. They see such horrible things done to children.

All of these people are supposed to not have emotions when they see what has been done to the victims. Well, surprise, they are humans and have the same emotions as anyone else. I would have said torture would be too good for someone like Taylor. — Judy Westcott, Talent

Registration won't work

Regarding Ms. Snow's letter to the editor (Feb. 24): Can anyone tell me how the registration of firearms will reduce crime?

Most crime is committed by people who steal firearms. Criminals do not go to a store, fill out a Form 4473, get fingerprinted, have a background check done and then once all of the above is complete, purchase the firearm and leave the store.

The serial number, make and model, caliber and style (pistol or rifle) is furnished to the Oregon State Police at the time of the request for a background check. This information is probably kept by the state longer than the allowed time as stated in the Oregon statute for firearms purchases.

Now if I purchase a car I can go to the dealer, make the purchase and drive away. I don't need to tell anyone I purchased a car until I go to DMV. Having a driver's license does not ensure a person can be a responsible driver. Criminals will not and do not comply with any firearms laws. Much the same as illegals following immigration laws.

You can see that those who purchase firearms are already licensed in some way. Defense rests. — Kirby Wheeler, Central Point

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