Why is it, when someone commits a crime or murder, that everyone is so quick to call for restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners?

Why is it, when someone commits a crime or murder, that everyone is so quick to call for restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners?

Law-abiding gun owners don't commit crimes. Criminals commit crimes and illegally get guns. Gun laws don't work. More guns, less crime. The shootings are an aberration from the norm. — Will Scarrow, Gold Hill

The wealth of a nation lies within its resources and its ability to reproduce them into saleable products. I have never heard any politician mention this. They would rather sit on their rear ends. As the old saying goes, "Let George do it."

Businesses are importing from foreign countries, and all they want to do is tax us. The unions have had their day. Allowing us to manufacture in this country, using our resources, could create these jobs. I blame the politicians for the predicament we are in today. What a crazy country! Want to talk? Give me a call: 541-664-1034. — W. Fischer, Central Point

President Barack Obama stressed in his State of the Union address the need to put the unemployed back to work, but at the same time advocated raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour. This increases wages not just for those at the minimum wage level but for all employees, as employers maintain gradations between wage brackets. Anyone who has taken Economics 101 knows that when you raise the price of a good or service, the demand for that good or service declines. Therefore, raising the cost to the employer lowers his demand for employees. The employer will either stop producing a good or service or find a way to produce with fewer employees. An alternative will be to produce the good or service in a lower labor cost country, thus driving jobs offshore.

The effect of an increase in the minimum wage is to increase unemployment. Perhaps the president is just grandstanding for his union supporters, hoping that the Republican House, not being as economically challenged as he, will not increase the minimum wage. — Donald Ogren, Medford

I would like to see some volunteer work for the Boy Scouts office on Hanley Road, as the place needs some work. The BSA helps the community, and it would be nice to help. — Ryan Masten, Central Point

The Postal Service is going broke. This is why. I mailed a package on Dec. 13. It was going to Castle Rock, Colo., and was going to be there on the 19th, in plenty of time for Christmas.

It left Medford's sort facility on the 13th. En route/processed in Federal Way, Wash., on the 15th. Departed Federal Way, Wash., sort facility on the 16th. En route/processed in Federal Way on the 21st. En route/processed in Denver, Colo., on the 21st and twice on the 23rd. It departed Denver, Colo., at 11:09 p.m. on the 23rd. Castle Rock, Colo., is only 35 miles from Denver. It didn't arrive until the 26th. Not a very Merry Christmas. Why seven days in Federal Way, Wash.? They need to streamline their system. If this keeps up, people are going to use UPS or FedEx even though they are more expensive.— Catherine Boyce, White City