• AP Interactive: Watching the U.S. economy

  • This collection of interactive charts is regularly updated with new information on employment, housing, the auto industry, retail sales and other economic indicators.

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    • { "type":"story", "title":"Four new reports show stronger U.S. economy", "link":"/article/20130626/BIZ/306260315", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Fed suggests it's closer to slowing bond purchases", "link":"/article/20130620/BIZ/306200307", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Chrysler gives in, will recall 2.7 million vehicles", "link":"/article/20130619/BIZ/306190314", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Existing-home sales down in March", "link":"/article/20130424/BIZ/304240315", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Sales of new homes rise 1.5 percent during March", "link":"/article/20130424/BIZ/304240316", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Where economy has, and hasn't, recovered", "link":"/article/20130405/BIZ/304050314", "imagelink":"http://www.mailtribune.com/storyimage/MM/20130405/BIZ/304050314/AR/0/AR-304050314.jpg" }, { "type":"story", "title":"U.S. jobless rate hits four-year low", "link":"/article/20130309/BIZ/303090302", "imagelink":"http://www.mailtribune.com/storyimage/MM/20130309/BIZ/303090302/AR/0/AR-303090302.jpg" }, { "type":"story", "title":"County's unemployment rate remains unchanged", "link":"/article/20130308/NEWS07/303080361", "imagelink":"" },