• AP Interactive: Choosing a pope

  • This Associated Press feature includes a video animation of Vatican City, a graphic explaining the voting process, profiles of some prominent cardinals and a data map showing the world Roman Catholic population.

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    • { "type":"story", "title":"Pope Francis washes inmates' feet, sidesteps tradition", "link":"/article/20130330/NEWS/303300311/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Pope Francis tells Pope emeritus Benedict: 'We're brothers'", "link":"/article/20130324/NEWS/303230332/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"World leaders will attend pope's installation today", "link":"/article/20130319/NEWS/303190305/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Vatican: Pope did not collude with dictatorship", "link":"/article/20130316/NEWS/303160310/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Medical experts: Pope's single lung won't matter", "link":"/article/20130315/NEWS/303150313/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"World, valley react to next pope", "link":"/article/20130314/NEWS/303140310/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"http://www.mailtribune.com/storyimage/MM/20130314/NEWS/303140310/AR/0/AR-303140310.jpg" }, { "type":"story", "title":"UPDATED: Catholic church's new pope is named", "link":"/article/20130313/NEWS07/303130354/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Black smoke: No pope", "link":"/article/20130313/NEWS/303130321/0/LIFE", "imagelink":"" },