I have heard that the objections of some Medford School Board members to the Kids Unlimited charter school proposal are based on money issues. Having seen a very informative presentation on the charter school proposal from people for whom I have great respect, I think the real problem might be the challenges that the proposed school would present to School District 549C.

I have heard that the objections of some Medford School Board members to the Kids Unlimited charter school proposal are based on money issues. Having seen a very informative presentation on the charter school proposal from people for whom I have great respect, I think the real problem might be the challenges that the proposed school would present to School District 549C.

With considerably more instructional hours and lower class sizes, the charter school will likely achieve results that may set too high a bar for the rest of the district to reach.

The school will serve a population with much greater challenges than the population of the district at large. It will offer students with financial, family and language difficulties an environment for success that is not available to them now. Students that use the charter school as a bridge to a high school diploma are students that the school district would otherwise have lost.

Kids Unlimited has a track record of success and excellence that these kids should not be denied and that the school district should embrace. — Doug Snider, Medford

Kathy McNeill of Medford wants to slow the disparity in wealth in the U.S. by raising taxes on the top 10 percent of Americans who are only paying 71.8 percent of the nation's taxes. Taxes not on earned income, a no-risk guaranteed salary, but capital gains, return from investments on pre-taxed income, reward proportional to risk — one of the basic principles of our capitalist system.

Punish those evil entrepreneurs who drive the American economy, providing jobs, goods, services, dividends to investors. Raise taxes on the risk-takers who became wealthy. And when they move everything offshore, you are left unemployed to bear the entire tax burden yourself.

Slow the wealth disparity? Even everything out, no haves or have-nots? That is the basic principle of communism, not a democracy. And I might remind you, America is a republic, not a democracy.

When did success become a bad thing? Hooray for Bill Boeing, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, even those snot-nosed brats who started Facebook.

Yes, the tax code needs to be revised. It needs to be simpler, for everyone. I'll leave it at that. — J.D. Jones, Central Point

Another successful all-school reunion has passed. We had about 170 in attendance, with 158 having lunch. We have been doing this for over 40 years.

Whether you graduated from Eagle Point High School or were affiliated with the school for a number of years, you're welcome to attend. Although we are not a club like the Lions, Rotary or VFW, we are suffering from the same problem they do.

Older people who really care about getting together to visit and catch up are dying, and there are no younger ones to replace them. It seems those in their 50s think they are too young for such things. I know that as the school has grown, people no longer have the close connections that we did when we went to school, but we will continue having the reunion as long as people show interest.

If you have class or family members who are not on our mailing list, please write me their names and addresses so we can include them for next year. My thanks to the generous contributors, the catering company (the food was very good), and my helpers. — Doris R. Grosch, P.O. Box 243, Eagle Point

On March 27, a federal civil-rights lawsuit was filed against the city of Medford, Mayor Wheeler and several police officers for the false arrest, false imprisonment and wrongful felony convictions of Joshua Brewer, an innocent young husband and father of three small children.

The Southern Oregon Militia investigated and paid for Mr. Brewer's successful appeal.

There will be no confidential settlement; this case will go to trial because Medford citizens deserve to see the evidence. This was an act by cold, calculating people who have no place in law enforcement, and never should have been hired by MPD in the first place.

This case is not about money; it is about justice. These MPD officers chose a partially disabled young man to victimize because they believed he had no means to fight them, and they were correct. If not for the SOM, Brewer's young family would have been financially ruined. He could not find meaningful employment as a felon.

The officers who committed this heinous act must be banned from law enforcement for life to protect our citizens from any further civil rights violations by MPD. — Carl F. Worden, liaison officer, Southern Oregon Militia, Eagle Point

The Republicans in Congress, like the Bourbon former rulers of France, have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. They have not learned that "austerity" in a time of economic recession will only make the recession worse. They have not forgotten their pledge to Grover Norquist, never to raise taxes no matter how justified. Under Reagan and Bush I and II, the national debt increased from $1 trillion to $10 trillion with nothing to show for the expenditures except two unwinnable wars, tax cuts for the wealthy and an unfunded drug benefit.

Now we are suffering unnecessarily from a "sequester" caused by an intransigent insistence on reductions in benefit cuts rather than a balanced program. Their inability to learn or forget is doing a disservice to our country. — Frank Hieber, Medford

This may come as a surprise to you, as the mainline news media hasn't said a word about it that I've heard. Our nation is giving Egypt 20 F-16s and 200 Abram tanks. Yes, you read this correctly — we are making the enemy of our friend Israel stronger. Israel is surrounded by nations who want to "drive her into the sea" and we make the situation worse.

I would like to know what our leaders use for brains — why would we do such a thing? We can't afford our unfunded liabilities, and yet we make an enemy of Israel stronger.

Here's another thing that is a concern — have you tried to buy any ammunition lately? When you can find any, it's rationed out to you (one or two boxes). We see on the news that Homeland Security is buying it up by the tons. What do they need with it? Is this part of gun control? — Gordon DeVos, Medford

I absentmindedly left my purse in a shopping cart in the parking lot outside of Bi-Mart this week. I called Bi-Mart as soon as I got home and they told me a "nice lady" had turned the purse in and they were holding it for me.

I had all my personal information in that purse. If a thief had taken it, I could have lost my identity, my bank account, everything! But instead of a thief, God sent a guardian angel to watch over me.

You know who you are, but you cannot begin to imagine how thankful I am for you and your honesty, or how grateful I am to get my purse back with everything intact. Not only are you a "nice lady," you are one of the angels among us. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. — Maxine Curtis, Central Point

Gordon Dickerson's answer to Amanda McCracken's letter of March 16, "Overturn Citizens United," missed the mark on two points.

First of all, those "people on the left" are people on the right and left. The movement, known as Move to Amend, to overturn "Citizens United" through a constitutional amendment, is a transpartisan group. The proposed amendment includes unions and nonprofits and any artificial entity that is not a flesh and blood person.

Secondly, the amendment does not infringe on anyone's free speech rights. It does only propose that money is not speech and can be regulated and was never intended to be classified as speech by the Founders in the First Amendment.

I invite Mr. Dickerson to attend one of the many educational events that Move to Amend is putting on in the valley. We would love to have him and share what we are really doing. Just check us out at www.movetoamend.org. — Diane M. Werich, Ashland