Stop abortion parallel

I am tired of seeing all of these parallels between abortion, gay marriage, gun control or anything else. I wish people would realize that abortion is not an issue of morality or safety, it's entirely an immoral issue focused on societal survival.

Where gay marriage is a civil rights issue and gun control is a public safety question, abortion is and always has been about ending a life before it has a chance to live, or giving it a chance with the odds almost always entirely stacked against it. In either case, there is no "right" or "just" choice. Both are terrible choices and to think otherwise is simply plain ignorant. There is no middle ground for abortion.

Gun control might have a solution, gay marriage's solution is simple (just don't care about who has a ring on their finger!), but there is no win-win for abortion.

Please, please stop paralleling abortion to anything else like it's an actual comparison! You simply cannot morally justify it. Abortion needs to stop being a moral question and needs to start being a question of societal survival; do we even have the resources to support the unsupported? — Lyra Elyssa Sophia Sinclaire, Medford

A way to fight hatred

The hatred towards Americans from North Korea is deeply disturbing. I really don't know why they hate us. I'm told it's because of our wealth. I felt powerless over North Korea's rage, then I realized that you and I have the most powerful weapons on earth, our minds.

I know it sounds simplistic and, to many, unrealistic, but I truly believe we can neutralize the dark by visualizing and accepting for the North Koreans that they live in a world of forgiveness, and a desire to live in peace with all of mankind. Our thoughts are powerful. Let's not let our fear feed their cause.

Whatever avenue you choose to pray, may it bring us all peace and understanding. — Leslee Freeman, Ashland

Trial by the press

"Affidavits: School knew of teacher's abusive behavior," reads the headline on the article in the Mail Tribune of March 27. This wording would strongly suggest to the average reader that the defendant in the civil suit alleging child abuse was guilty.

Back in December, the defendant was, in fact, cleared by the police and school investigators of any allegations of inappropriate behavior. The body of the article continues with extensive, borderline obscene, detailed coverage of the charges against teacher Joel Heller, with only a few widely scattered insertions of the word "alleged." The effect is such that a literate, busy reader would conclude that the defendant was guilty.

I thought in America that we still believe that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court trial. Shame on the Mail Tribune for such damaging and careless reporting!

Note: I know neither the defendant in this case, nor the plaintiffs. — Dawn Newsom Morris, Ashland

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