• AP Interactive: Boston Marathon explosions

  • This interactive gallery shows photographs and maps from the scene of the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

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    • { "type":"story", "title":"Boston Marathon bombing suspect pleads not guilty", "link":"/article/20130711/NEWS/307110308", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Burial of Boston suspect remains unresolved", "link":"/article/20130507/NEWS/305070336", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Officials: Suspect described plot before Miranda", "link":"/article/20130425/NEWS/304250309", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Captured! Boston terror ends", "link":"/article/20130420/NEWS07/304200326", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"UPDATED: Second Boston bombing suspect is in custody", "link":"/article/20130419/NEWS07/304190359", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"1 of 2 suspects in Boston bombing killed", "link":"/article/20130419/NEWS07/304190349", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Local-area marathoners escape blasts, are in shock", "link":"/article/20130416/NEWS/304160330", "imagelink":"http://www.mailtribune.com/storyimage/MM/20130416/NEWS/304160330/AR/0/AR-304160330.jpg" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Terror at the Boston Marathon", "link":"/article/20130416/NEWS/304160324", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"North Medford teacher finished Boston Marathon moments before blast", "link":"/article/20130415/NEWS07/304150348", "imagelink":"" },