Democracy imperiled

Conservatives, progressives demand democracy. Transcending concerns of all politics, the Citizens United decision has buried and suffocated our voice under mountains of unlimited anonymous cash donations — even foreign held corporations and foreign governments can now dump into our electoral and legislative process.

Individual will is secondary to that of special interest groups. Leadership of both major parties have sold out. This is not about opposing business or capitalism; we recognize that corporations play an important role in society. However, we agree with the Founders: Corporations do not have the inherent, inalienable constitutional rights of being human. "Corporation" does not appear in the Constitution; the American Revolution was explicitly anti-corporate. Thomas Jefferson said judges who grant corporations rights, are "playing God." Men — not property — are "ordained by their creator with certain inalienable rights."

A corporation is property. Humans have property rights; properties do not have human rights. The American people are sovereign over the government, over everything the government creates. Corporations are created of government. If the creation is given power over the creator, then sovereignty is lost. I am the president of a corporation and even I recognize what the CU decision is, selfishness masquerading as reason. — Chris Mathas, Butte Falls

Opinion omitted facts

Bill Varble wrote about evolution April 7, omitting pertinent facts.

A quotation he used said the "attacks on evolution have been refuted by the scientific community." But, in fact, not all attacks on evolution have been refuted. Nearly 800 university scientists are skeptical about claims of random mutation and natural selection, according to www.dissentfromdarwin.org.

Mr. Varble, describing the basis of evolutionary theory, left off their assumptions. Author Mike Riley explained that even though the fossil record is not useful for evidence in favor of evolution, that evolution is still not unproven.

Oh! Really? Then upon what assumption is evolution proven? Varble continues to quote Riley, who says he now focuses on biogeography and taxonomy. Varble chose not to pursue that important discussion any further.

Varble and Riley avoid mounting facts revealing that the fossil record, random mutation and natural selection are not trustworthy for evolutionists anymore. Here is an experiment for Mr. Varble. Try changing an animal from one species into another; a dog into a cat, for example. No one else can do it.

Mr. Varble, you can believe you "came down" from the apes as in being descended. For me and my family, animal genetics is not in our DNA as in "intelligently designed". — Ron Wallace, Medford

Reader Reaction
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