Since You Asked team,

Since You Asked team,

First of all, kudos to you all for the great work you do in answering all the questions you receive! Lots of us wonder when the trial for Christopher Lee Lewis will be regarding the first-degree animal abuse case of the little Chihuahua puppy on March 8, 2013, that was the front-page story in our newspaper.

We hope the DA's office won't drop the ball on this one, as folks like this need to know that we all care about animals as much as people, and that an incident like this that is not prosecuted to the fullest could lead to even more serious acts later on.

It would appear that Mr. Lewis needs some serious consultation and only hope he's being observed while out of jail. Thanks for any help.

— John and Kathy G., Jacksonville

Thanks, John and Kathy. We execute our job with pride and always love hearing from readers who appreciate that.

Regarding Christopher Lewis, the Jackson County District Attorney's Office assures us it's devoting as much time as possible to this case. Staff will meet Monday, April 29, for a pre-trial conference to discuss and set trial dates.

"The office is taking this charge seriously and hopes that Mr. Lewis will take responsibility for his actions," prosecutor Alisa Ray said.

As a quick recap for other readers who aren't aware of the case, police allege that Christopher Lewis threw a Chihuahua named Whiskey into the air after he urinated in the house. The alleged throw resulted in some severe injuries to Whiskey, including broken legs, internal bleeding and brain trauma.

Lewis has since been arraigned on one count of first-degree animal abuse, which is a Class A misdemeanor. A conviction could mean up to a year in jail followed by bench probation.

"There can also be other conditions, fines and fees, and in cases like this, restrictions on whether someone is allowed to keep a domesticated animal," Ray said.

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