Lily Kiera Watkins passed away April 5, 2013 at her home in White City, Ore. Lily was 19 years old. Lily is mourned by her mother, Rebecca Brown; her father, Mike D. Watkins; brother, Jesse Watkins; grandparents, Mike H. and Joyce Watkins and Tom and Barbara Brown; a large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins; a great-grandfather; and many good friends of all ages.

All who knew Lily will never forget her lovely brown eyes, beautiful smile, witty dark sense of humor, compassion for animals - especially cats and kittens, and deep love for her family and friends. Lily was willing to be goofy and would do just about anything to make her friends laugh. She was known for her extreme practical jokes and stunts. She liked to say controversial things just to get a rise out of people. She loved bows and frills and makeup and was an artist with eyeliner. She also loved piercings and tattoos and secretly got them when her mom wasn't looking.

She tried to conform to what she thought was expected of her but found she just couldn't. If only we had known how much she was hurting inside, we would have done anything to make her feel more at home, rather than lose her forever as we have done.

Bless you baby girl, you will live on in our hearts forever. Lily was preceded in death by her beloved cat, Cooper.