Intellectual rigor mortis

Creationists are committed to forcing "Intelligent Design" into public-school curricula. If this were only an idiosyncratic and private element of personal faith, why should anyone care? Creationism is, however, a movement, one designed to weaken critical thought, diminish intellectual skepticism, mischaracterize scientific theory and break down the separation of church and state to introduce theocratic criteria into government.

Creationism's dull argument is, as is a blunt shovel to hard earth, inadequate for digging into the facts surrounding human existence to reveal the way things actually work. Hence, "Intelligent Design" has no technical or scientific value whatever.

One or more theories underlie every scientific discipline, but none is absolute; some are better established than others, but each is subject to change with the advent of new information. Fundamentalism, however, is by its very nature absolute, admitting of no possibility of scriptural error.

There is no room for theory in such dogmatically closed belief systems — neither Darwin's theory nor any other that may be seen to challenge its orthodoxy. "Intelligent Design" has no theoretical basis; it is simply a reassertion of the certainty of religious orthodoxy thinly disguised as scientific rigor. Its only "rigor," however, is intellectual rigor mortis. — Gary R. Collins, Jacksonville

Cap all salaries

Here's my take on the current status of our financial crisis. We should cap all salaries of our public employees at $100,000. Really. I feel you can live quite comfortably in this valley on that kind of income.

Let's get real — the only reason they all are jacking up their salaries is to pad their PERS retirement. They can't tell me they're doing such a great job — just look at where we are now. And PERS? The financial vampire is gutting law enforcement and all other levels of service.

They now want to scrap the Extension Service, which provides so much to the community. They're cutting off our noses to spite their face! They use the excuse that "everybody else gets more money, so that justifies our raises." That doesn't fly with me. Every one of them expects to furlough all the rest of the "peons" or just flat lay them off, without suffering the same fate. Shame on all of them!

Are we ever going to do anything about PERS? No. The same people responsible for this are the same ones who are going to reap the benefits — if we don't go bankrupt first. — Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

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