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  • With some sadness, I picked up a new voter registration form. I'm changing my party affiliation. Both major political parties are held hostage by those whose twisted brand of financial speculation collapsed the world economy.
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  • With some sadness, I picked up a new voter registration form. I'm changing my party affiliation. Both major political parties are held hostage by those whose twisted brand of financial speculation collapsed the world economy.
    The economic security my parents' generation enjoyed has been outsourced. Cash equals influence.
    The cash-rich like Pete Peterson have unbalanced the political process so politicians dial for dollars while promoting "austerity" for those who have the least. Austerity. Sequester. Sensible cuts. Who comes up with this stuff?
    Think that works? Spain now has 27 percent unemployment. Rep. Greg Walden stated politicians were balancing the budget "on the backs of seniors." According to Robert Reich, annual median income of people over 65 is $20,000. The average SSI benefit is less than $15,000. The cash-rich demand cuts to SSI COLA even though by law it can't contribute to the deficit. COLA is under attack in Oregon.
    The state broke a contract with PERS retirees to siphon retirement funds. A good source for this is "Retirement Heist" by Ellen Schultz. When a contract is broken, the sharks start circling. I think we average folks need to stop cooperating with our own economic demise and stop swimming with the fishes. — Joyce A. Woods, Ashland
    The key to an improved local economy in Southern Oregon is to identify the needs of a changing business climate, train and retrain for a skilled workforce, and create an open environment to attract new industry to the area.
    Pivotal to this process is Rogue Community College. With the drop in state funding in recent years and the increase in tuition, it is imperative that an informed and experienced board of directors be in place to anticipate changing economic trends, notably those in high tech industries.
    Former business executive Marcus Heritage is running for a seat on the RCC board of directors, District 3, in the special election May 21.
    His advanced education in electrical engineering and vast experience in the computer industry make him highly qualified for that position.
    To ensure steady economic growth in our area, I recommend a vote for Marcus Heritage for RCC board of directors. — Dennis Rasmussen, Rogue River
    Knife-wielding assailants attack and kill over 2,200 unsuspecting victims each and every day across the U.S., and law enforcement at the highest levels is complicit. The assailants are rarely prosecuted, and many victims are dismembered or left to die without medical intervention. The general public isn't even outraged and many of the perpetrators operate under the false pretenses that they are helping co-conspirators plan for parenthood, which makes as much sense as hiring an arsonist to guard your building project.
    Over 80 percent are just for convenience. Another sickening aspect is that juveniles can participate without their parents even knowing about it, but of course they need a signed release to go on a field trip. Even if it gets eliminated from our Pledge of Allegiance, this nation will remain under God because He's present everywhere all the time, and He's not turning a blind eye to the situation.
    As a baby boomer, I grew up hearing often of the atrocities of Hitler in the Holocaust which cost the lives of 6 million people. The U.S. has exceeded that by over 50 million people since Roe v. Wade. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point
    George W. Bush made this statement a few days ago, "America's best days are ahead of her." Is this true, or was "W" just being nice?
    Of all the nations down through history, only two of them were dedicated to God — Israel and America.
    Israel made many promises and broke them all, and America has done the same. Now, understanding this, we need to realize that there is a price to pay when we break our promises. God will hold that nation accountable, since He either sends a blessing or judgment for a nation's disobedience.
    George Washington made a promise when he dedicated our nation (New York City, April 30, 1789), "We will honor the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself hath ordained." When we see death and massive destruction on our nation, we need to realize a warning given in the Bible in II Chronicles 7:14 to the Jewish people is a warning for us in our nation today. — Gordon DeVos, Medford
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