May 7, 1913

May 7, 1913

Twenty-six girls and 18 boys will comprise this year's graduation class from the Medford High School, if one or two do not fail in their final tests, and this is said to be unlikely. Diplomas are to be awarded May 23. This class is the largest in the history of the high school.

The baccalaureate sermon will be delivered at the Natatorium, May 18, by Rev. Eldridge of the Methodist church.

The commencement exercises are to take place at the new Page theater, and a splendid program has been arranged.


The Southern Oregon Chautauqua dates for 1913 are from July 7-18 at Ashland.

The program has just been completed. Among the speakers are Jacob Riis, Col. Geo. W. Bain, Prof. Baumgardt and Poon Chow.

The announcement is made by Manager Billings as follows:

Jacob Riis is known as an author and lecturer and a man who does things, particularly as the leader in bettering conditions of the poor people in the city of New York.

One of the three or four most useful citizens of the state of New York, he is a most interesting speaker and we are fortunate in securing him for his first appearance in Southern Oregon.

Col. Geo. W. Bain, the Kentucky Orator, is one of the most widely known and successful public lecturers the Chautauqua and Lyceum has ever known.

Col. Bain has done more good than any other man on the American platform, said by a man who had delivered more than five thousand lectures.

He has been on the platform of the Mother Chautauqua more times than any other man, and is engaged for 1913.

Our 1911 patrons will be glad of another opportunity to hear his entertaining and uplifting messages.

Prof. Pamahasika and his trained pets (Children's Day) offer the most interesting and artistic performance conceivable.

Years of patient and intelligent training has been put into the perfection of this wonderful performance, which cannot be duplicated on the Continent. An all-new production valued at $20,000.

You'll never get weary watching them enjoy life. These dumb animals obey like children and seem actually endowed with reason. His birds and dogs are trained to do marvelous things. One performance.