Pets saved from burning Central Point home

Several pets, including a black and white Chihuahua, were saved this morning from a burning home at 544 Village Drive, Central Point.

The fire, reported at 8:50 a.m., sent a plume of smoke into the air that could be seen from Medford. Medford Fire-Rescue and Jackson County Fire District No. 3 responded with six engines and 22 firefighters. The two-story condo complex is in a neighborhood north of Beall Lane and west of Interstate 5.

Gina Grove, 90, who lives on the bottom floor, said she first spotted flames reflecting on a car window when she looked outside this morning. She escaped but her Chihuahua, Mickey, was trapped inside, she said.

Firefighters used heat detectors to locate Mickey through the thick smoke, according to firefighters on scene. Mickey and several pets upstairs were rescued, but a bearded dragon belonging to the occupants of the upper floor died, neighbors said. No one else was injured.

The fire destroyed the upper level and heavily damaged the lower level with smoke, according to a witness.

The fire started upstairs, fire officials said, but the cause was still under investigation.

-- Sanne Specht