Time to move forward

We received a mailer regarding the District 9 School Board elections. I'm appalled and embarrassed that we have, or could possibly have, School Board members who would solicit such a ridiculous brochure.

It says "vote for Dan Hodges, Diane Mihocko and Scott Grissom" because "electing Mark Bateman, Brian Saling and Ralph Meeker would be a serious conflict of interest." This is ridiculous.

Further, it slanders our wonderful, dedicated teachers. Who are they kidding? Who would want them to represent our children's interests when all they are interested in is causing conflict?

Our teachers did not "walk out" on students. Get the facts straight.

Parents and students deserve a board that is there to do the work, not spend time on useless, slanderous mailing materials. Thank you Mark Bateman, Brian Saling and Ralph Meeker, for trying to set a good example for our community. Hopefully we are all ready to move forward. — Michele Terry, Eagle Point

Don't micromanage

The school board's elected role is to set school policy and see that such policy is being carried out by the administration. A board member is not elected to be bossy.

A reliable source claims a member of the Medford School Board was bossy toward a teacher. That board member should resign or apologize.

The School Board nor any member of the board should micromanage a school district. They are not elected to be a boss. They are not elected to be a radical advocate for either a certain program or for a certain group of students.

Three final candidates for the Ashland superintendent position rejected the Ashland School Board. I think that the candidates did not want to be micromanaged. Now, two final candidates are from out of state.

Medford School Board candidates Larry W. Nicholson, Jeff Thomas and Tricia M. Prendergast will not overstep their elected roles. — Bill Hartley, Medford

Re-elect Brock

While I no longer live in Jackson County School District 6, I want to urge the citizens of that district to re-elect June Brock to the school board.

Some 10 years ago I encouraged June to run for election to the School Board because I knew that she had one agenda, making decisions that are good for kids. She has done this consistently during her tenure on the School Board and will continue to do so for another four years. June is the clear choice for this position. — Mike McClain, Jacksonville