I would like to show my public support for Ed Lindbloom as my choice to represent our community in Central Point.

I would like to show my public support for Ed Lindbloom as my choice to represent our community in Central Point.

I have known Ed for more than a decade. He is fully committed to Junior Comet Sports, Crater girls soccer, his friends, his family and to the dissemination of truth. I know that Ed can make a positive difference if re-elected.

We cannot afford to let his challenger, who is a retired district employee of 30-plus years, take his spot and allow the infiltration of even more cronyism throughout our entire district. The choice is clear — vote for Ed Lindbloom. — Damian M. Idiart, Central Point

I'm supporting Tricia Prendergast for Medford School Board Position No. 3.

Tricia was very helpful in our recent dealings with the Medford School Board. Her ability to understand the issues was very beneficial to our cause and her help was instrumental in our success. I'm voting for her and you should, too! — Ilex Brandenberger, Ruch

Over the past decade, I've worked closely with the Central Point School Board on a number of levels.While the board hasn't always agreed with my perspective, I have always been thankful that its members are professional, non-contentious, friendly, and willing to listen and respond.

June Brock is at the heart of the board. She serves not for personal gain or political advantage, but out of a true commitment to her community. I encourage you to return her to the board for another term.

Cathy Salmon also deserves your vote. She's committed to making our schools the best they can be and she's as pleasant and honest as anyone you'll ever meet.

Help keep Central Point's School Board stable and professional. Join me in voting for June Brock and Cathy Salmon. — Mack Lewis, Central Point

June Brock's 12 years of experience on the Central Point School Board have served the students and community of Central Point well.

Student achievement, financial stability and innovative programs have resulted in a high-performing school district that attracts residents to Central Point. I'm proud of the work our teachers, classified staff and administrators have accomplished in District 6 and recognize the support for that work comes from experienced, skilled and committed board members. Vote for June Brock to continue excellence in District 6. — Jolee Wallace, Gold Hill