I am supporting Jeff Thomas for Position 2, Medford School Board.

I am supporting Jeff Thomas for Position 2, Medford School Board.

Jeff has received the endorsement of Stand for Children, the Latino advocacy group Mi Voz Cuenta, the Medford Mail Tribune and the Medford Education Association representing employees of the school district. Jeff is the only candidate for any position to receive all of these endorsements.

Jeff's leadership during the past year has resulted in positive changes for kids. He reached out to the Kids Unlimited board during the VIBES charter discussions, and was able to broker a compromise which resulted in approval of the charter, while phasing in the implementation to make sure students of 549C are not negatively impacted.

Jeff views all such decisions in a similar light: How will students of MSD be affected? This has garnered much respect for Jeff on the School Board, and allowed him to bridge consensus between differing points of view.

Re-elect Jeff Thomas. — Karen Starchvick, Jacksonville

Statistics are interesting. There are those influencing the Mail Tribune and stirring up discussion stating that the graduation rate is low among students in the Medford schools. What they fail to mention is that the graduation rate is high among those who have stayed in the Medford School District from kindergarten to graduation. The rates are also high for those who stay for their entire high school experience.

These contentious individuals forget to tell about all the good that is taking place. The many programs already implemented to help those with challenges, whether it be those who are English language learners or those with special needs. Or all the professional support Medford teachers are receiving to keep them on the cutting edge.

Fortunately we have some running for School Board positions who are not working from personal motive or agendas. Larry Nicholson, Trisha Prendergast and Jeff Thomas are individuals who are team players, whose whole agenda is to see that Medford students continue to receive the best possible learning, help and success. — Anne E. McCandless, Jacksonville

I want to be on the School Board of Central Point District 6. The Central Point School District is a wonderful district. The teachers and classified staff are second to none. We need to communicate with parents and employees of the district, and seek their input when decisions directly apply to them. We need to set obtainable educational improvement goals for the district.

We can no longer fly by the seat of our pants without a clear destination. We need to be fiscally responsible. We have to ensure that the dollars we receive from the taxpayer are well spent. The tax revenue we receive needs to be spent on improving the learning environment and reducing class sizes. We can't have 50-plus kids in a class anymore.

The time for living in the past is over. We need to look at the future. We need to make hard decisions now so we can be successful in the years to come. I ask for your vote. — Ed Lindbloom, Central Point

I am excited to share my support of Ryan Dale, write-in candidate for Central Point School Board, against Brett Moore.

Dale has spent the majority of his career in public service, from community policing to counseling at-risk youths in the juvenile justice system. As a former police officer, he understands the importance of hearing all sides before making a decision.

He has a son in elementary school and volunteers on a regular basis in the classroom and at the school. He has a vested interest in a more cohesive School Board and working with the community to make sure they have a voice. He is committed to having open dialogue with all who have ideas or share concerns — something I feel is lacking in our district and especially on our current School Board.

Please join me in showing your support for write-in candidate Ryan Dale for District 6 School Board. — Kari Holley, Central Point

School District 6 needs new ideas and representation on the School Board. Recent decisions impacting Mae Richardson Elementary School were made by the administration and board. These decisions alarmed citizens of Central Point and their concerns were ignored.

I want to see Gordon Eckstrom elected as a write-in candidate against Jolee Wallace. Gordon has two daughters at Crater. Integrity and work ethic define Gordon. He has time to study the issues facing District 6.

After retiring as an aerospace engineer, Gordon opened his own successful public relations firm. He also worked in finance for a large corporation and managed $500 million budgets.

He's a great problem-solver and thinks outside the box. We need Gordon in District 6 to control our deficit spending. He will listen to citizen concerns. Please join me to write in Gordon Eckstrom for District 6 School Board! — Sarah Idiart, Central Point

These are difficult times for our schools. We need experienced, knowledgeable, level-headed people on our School Board. I strongly endorse Larry Nicholson for the Medford School District Board of Directors.

I personally worked with Larry for eight years as an employee of the district while he was on the board. I found Larry to be a man of honor and dedication. He has the backbone to make the tough decisions that need to be made for kids. Larry has led negotiation teams, served on many district committees, and was a parent member of the North High Site Council.

Larry is respectful, and supports our teachers and students. He understands the role of board members, and does his utmost to fulfill those responsibilities without overstepping his authority. Larry is an active listener, taking in all sides of issues before making decisions. Vote Larry Nicholson, Medford School District director, Position 1. — Rich Miles, Medford

Re-elect the incumbent directors to Jackson County Fire District No. 5.

This board gives the broadest representation to one of the most varied fire districts in the state. It ensures the highest quality fire protection and emergency medical service in Jackson County in the most efficient possible way.

Twenty-four of the 28 staff are direct line firefighters who, along with 30 volunteers and student firefighters, give the district an incredible amount of coverage. This provides the district with twice as much coverage for the payroll dollars spent.

The current board of directors consists of three private business owners, one retired firefighter and one retired pressman. Sean Curry, Evan Petersen and Fred Baumgartner give the board a very wide range of experience and backgrounds and a much-needed infusion of new — as well as experienced — points of view. Keep District 5 the best-run for the least amount of money in Oregon. — Dan Gregory, Talent