As an organization with a focus on students and how they are performing in our education system, Stand for Children endorses Paulie Brading, Jeff Thomas and Tricia Prendergast for Medford School Board.

As an organization with a focus on students and how they are performing in our education system, Stand for Children endorses Paulie Brading, Jeff Thomas and Tricia Prendergast for Medford School Board.

Following a comprehensive questionnaire and in-depth interview (eight of nine candidates participating), the Stand for Children endorsement committee decided these candidates stand out from the field with their depth of knowledge and experience. They have, and will continue to put, student's needs first in allocating scarce resources. They have demonstrated their commitment to community service through their work with other organizations while serving on the School Board. We are lucky to have three candidates of such caliber seeking another term.

They deserve your support.

Please vote for Paulie Brading, Jeff Thomas and Tricia Prendergast for Medford School Board. — Paul Hampton, Stand for Children

I am someone who votes in every election, no matter how "mundane" the measures may be, and I attend school board meetings. But now I am appalled.

Superintendent Samantha Steele of School District No. 6 has found it necessary to hire a new principal for Mae Richardson Elementary, who has active litigation and a current TSPC case against her.

When parents discovered this audacity, we were patted on the head by the administration and told, "trust us." When we took our concerns to the board, we were dismissed.

This is a public school. The School Board is supposed to represent the community members, not the administration.

Where is our voice? As much as I hate to think it, when in School District 6, you're not hired by your talents or abilities, but by those who you know.

I hope with the election just around the corner that this horrible situation will be remedied. — Leslie Cooper, Trail

In the race for Medford School Board Position 1, Larry Nicholson represents our community. He's a civic-minded leader, giving his time and talents. Yet he's also a successful businessman who knows how to meet a budget and a payroll. Larry believes board members should set clear policies for the administration, not micromanage the day-to-day activities in the schools.

Larry has a proven track record leading the district through challenging times, spearheading tough, fair and respectful bargaining with the Medford Education Association. These negotiations are coming up again.

Larry also helped lead the charge when voters approved the 2006 capital improvement bond. Larry is the capable candidate. He believes a School Board member should focus on accountability, respect and communication.

Medford schools need Larry's leadership again. Please vote for Larry. — Gary Leaming, Medford

There is enough negative talk about how bad this valley is, on problems such as unemployment and poverty. How about some positivity for a change?

Marc Heritage is a positive step for this valley. Dr. Heritage is running for Rogue Community College director, Zone 3, in this special election on Tuesday. His education and his many years of volunteer work speak for themselves.

Heritage has great plans for RCC and helping his community — putting businesses and highly trained, qualified employees together, searching for funding for RCC, seeking higher paying jobs, and keeping the Rogue Valley in the competitive high-tech world.

This is exactly what the valley needs. Although normally about 30 percent come out to vote on these special elections, I can only hope the community sees that this vote is an important and positive one. — Patty Finlayson, Gold Hill

I am writing this letter in support of Marcus Heritage for the Rogue Community College Board of Education. Marc Heritage is the right person to represent Zone 3 (Rogue River, Gold Hill and Central Point).

Marc has years of experience as both an engineer and business executive in the ever-changing and evolving computer industry.

His experience gives him the ability to help guide the college through the shrinking budget from the state, diversify funding through investing in college programs that will strengthen existing local businesses, and draw new businesses into Southern Oregon.

It is imperative that Rogue Community College position itself in a place that provides the education that is essential to the workforce in Southern Oregon. Please join me in voting for Marc Heritage for the RCC Board of Education. — Marchand Vorderstrasse, Central Point

We, the parents and educators of Central Point, have an urgent and valid concern for the voters in School District 6. In our research of the record of the current District 6 board, we have found items of great concern to us all.

For this reason, we have come to you to ask that you cast your votes for those candidates who share our concerns and have the ability to repair damage and create a board that functions as it was intended to.

Further info is available via and our Facebook page, "C.P. Educators and Parents." Please join us to create a board that not only listens, but cares with action to "do the right thing."

We encourage you to share this information and vote for Tracy Jackson, write-ins Ryan Dale (against Brett Moore) and Gordon Eckstrom (against Jolee Wallace) and retain Ed Lindbloom. — Evy Mason, Central Point