A Medford man facing attempted murder and other charges for allegedly stabbing a man in the abdomen last week erupted at Tuesday's arraignment hearing before a Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

A Medford man facing attempted murder and other charges for allegedly stabbing a man in the abdomen last week erupted at Tuesday's arraignment hearing before a Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

"I didn't do any of these charges," said Adan Manuel Valdez. "This is illegal what you are doing."

Valdez, 33, faces charges of attempted murder and first-degree assault for allegedly chasing a stranger down the street on a bicycle, forcing his way into a Plum Street house, then stabbing the unnamed victim multiple times, said Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Valdez was taken into custody Monday on the two Measure 11 charges, as well as charges of first-degree burglary, resisting arrest and being a felon in possession of a weapon. Budreau said Valdez was combative at the residence where he was arrested, and a Medford police detective was slightly injured during the fray.

Valdez continually interrupted and argued with Judge Lorenzo Mejia during his arraignment hearing, stating he did not want the charges read into the record and saying they were a "defamation of (his) character."

"I'm not going to get a fair trial," Valdez said.

Valdez, who claims gang affiliation, "was out looking for revenge" following a beating he and another female suffered earlier that day by rival gang members, Budreau said.

"They were both allegedly jumped by three to four other (unknown) suspects," Budreau said.

The victim, who Budreau said is not a gang member, was initially confronted by Valdez when the latter rode up to him on a bicycle and flashed a knife. The victim reported the incident to police, who were patrolling the area. Valdez returned to chase the victim, who fled into the backyard of a nearby house and then hid inside, Budreau said.

Not knowing what was happening, or whom to believe, the occupants of the house at first tried to force the victim to leave.

"Valdez was yelling, 'Send him out! Send him out!,'" Budreau said.

But when Valdez kicked open the locked front door and began stabbing the victim, the occupants pulled Valdez off the victim, he said.

"Then everybody flees," Budreau said.

The victim ran to a nearby house, where someone called 911. He underwent surgery later that night at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center for four stab wounds to the abdomen and was released from the hospital on Friday, police said.

The victim's wounds continued to seep blood Tuesday, and he remains "extremely fearful" following the attack, Budreau said.

"For reasons known only to the suspect, the victim was somehow targeted," Budreau said, adding the victim was not wearing the colors of either gang at the time of the attack, nor does he have any gang tattoos.

Detectives investigating the case at about noon Monday discovered several people at a house on the 800 block of West 13th Street, including Valdez. They also discovered a bicycle with unique markings, identical to the ones described by the victim, said Budreau.

"We got information that (Valdez) could be the victim of the (gang) assault," Budreau said. "We realized he was our stabber while we were investigating."

Valdez tried to leave the residence while police were questioning him, and four police officers were required to subdue him during the arrest, Budreau said. Valdez was taken to the Medford Police Department for questioning while investigators obtained a warrant to search the house, where investigators found additional evidence implicating Valdez in the stabbing, police said.

In court Tuesday afternoon, Mejia repeatedly admonished Valdez to temper his outbursts. Reviewing Valdez's prior criminal history, Mejia noted Valdez had a "record full of court sanctions and violations." Court records show Valdez is facing charges of witness tampering and menacing that are unrelated to this alleged stabbing case.

"You are out of control and these are very serious charges," Mejia said. "You are not helping yourself at all. You are digging a bigger hole."

Valdez was initially lodged at the Jackson County Jail on more than $2 million bail. Mejia on Tuesday reduced Valdez's bail to $500,000, warning him that any further outburst would increase the bail amount. Valdez was also advised by his court-appointed attorney not to discuss his case. A preliminary trial was set for 4 p.m. on June 11.

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