Mr. Novosad (May 26) believes the Second Amendment gives him the right to stop a tyrannical government. I'm curious what qualifies as "tyrannical."

Mr. Novosad (May 26) believes the Second Amendment gives him the right to stop a tyrannical government. I'm curious what qualifies as "tyrannical."

Who will he shoot? The police chief? Sheriff? The cop that lives down the street? Mayor? City Council? County commissioner? Local Social Security employee? Tax assessor? DOT construction worker? Schoolteacher? Congressman? The Marine who lives across the street? Senator? President? Who dies first? — Eric Kees, Medford

Run, don't walk to the gallery at Medford Center (next door to Ashley Furniture) to see the 50-year anniversary John F. Kennedy family memorabilia exhibit from a private collection. It stopped me in my tracks! Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. — Mary K. Zvonek, Jacksonville

Kudos to Judge Tim Gerking for being the voice of reason and compassion in the Duckworth matter. His stock just went up. Sorry Judge Barnack, the two points up I gave you when you chastised that pedophile in open court awhile back, I just took away. Your stock went down. You could have reduced their bail.

Does anyone out there wonder if the feds were behind this, perhaps intimidating the local cops into taking the lead role, just to take the heat off them? Lord knows they have enough problems with public opinion lately.

Well, I've got to go — I'm having an attack of the munchies. God, I miss the '60s. — Ed Seward, Medford

I have taken into consideration the views expressed by Forest Supervisor Rob MacWhorter in his opinion piece from March 10.

Contrary to what proponents of the Bybee timber sale may say, this project will actually do much to degrade forest health in roadless areas along the western border of Crater Lake National Park. Logging trees over 200 years old and constructing 13 miles of new roads, some of which will pass through designated riparian reserves, along the border of a national park will not aid forest health. There are much better ways to get small-diameter timber to our remaining mills.

The High Cascades Ranger District should return to a focus on improving forest health through thinning and small-diameter harvests that utilize already established logging roads and revisit the model of collaboration it has used successfully in the past. Proposing harmful timber sales that the majority of concerned Oregonians do not support is not wise forest policy. — Dan Roper, Ashland

Well, I see the politicos put it to us again. I was encouraged by the "No Budget, No Pay" Act, passed by Congress and signed into law in February. But now we find out that it didn't really require a budget be implemented.

Both the House and the Senate passed a budget. But no budget was agreed upon.

No problem. They did what was required (insert cynical smile here). So, no pay withheld. Oh, and a nice little bump to the debt ceiling was included, so they got that also.

And after further reading I see that even if escrow had kicked in, the law stated Congress would've received the escrowed pay at the end of its term. So they sold us the sleeves out of their vests. Typical. Does anyone there wonder why Congress is so lowly rated? — Herbert Swain, Eagle Point