• AP Interactive: Surveillance programs

  • Learn more about Edward Snowden, the man who leaked details on the NSA's classified monitoring program, PRISM, and others who revealed government secrets. Also track key dates in government surveillance programs on an interactive timeline.

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    • { "type":"story", "title":"NSA case reporter says partner's detention won't stop his writing", "link":"/article/20130820/NEWS/308200326/0/DISTINCTLYNORTHWEST19", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"U.S. urges nations to return Snowden", "link":"/article/20130625/NEWS/306250304/0/DISTINCTLYNORTHWEST19", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"NSA chief says spying prevented 50 'events'", "link":"/article/20130619/NEWS/306190321/0/DISTINCTLYNORTHWEST19", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Obama vows more oversight of data searches", "link":"/article/20130618/NEWS/306180329/0/DISTINCTLYNORTHWEST19", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"Every day, you may be spied on", "link":"/article/20130616/NEWS/306160320/0/DISTINCTLYNORTHWEST19", "imagelink":"" }, { "type":"story", "title":"NSA director says surveillance stopped attacks", "link":"/article/20130613/NEWS/306130310/0/DISTINCTLYNORTHWEST19", "imagelink":"" },