Let's give thanks to every dad who measured up and took care of his children. We raise our glasses to them.

Let's give thanks to every dad who measured up and took care of his children. We raise our glasses to them.

Fathers know it is not easy. You do the best you can for your family, helping them avoid the pitfalls so they grow up with pride, honor and integrity.

It's never too late to embrace fatherhood. Some men didn't measure up and simply walked away. For every child left alone, for every child abandoned, we give thanks to those dads who stepped in, opened their hearts and gave a child a home. Adopted or foster children know the love and caring they received to help mend their broken lives.

Let's also remember our soldiers who are dads, who serve to keep our children safe. Special thanks to those who gave their lives for the security and freedoms we enjoy.

Today, take time to visit or chat with your dad. Thank him for the sacrifices he made and his efforts to provide a better life for you. Accept that no dad is perfect, but in spite of his flaws, he never left his post. This is indeed the final measure of a man.

God bless you, Dad, for measuring up. — Howard Wand, Rogue River

I read with interest about technology developed to make school buildings safer in case of assault: school-wide alerts, automatic door locks.

Cameras pinpoint, for the first responders, to know the way to the hot spot. All of it a boon for the economy, at the cost of a healthy bite out of the instruction budget.

We have not heard from the now dead perpetrator in Connecticut about his motivation, but it is not too far-fetched to see a disgruntled boy grown with a hatred for a school system that ostracized him, for the very psychopathology that now drove him to excess.

Nobody seems to suggest a solution more humane than more guns, more technology. How about spending some money on hiring the school counselors that could effect some care and acceptance for the oddball students, the ones that breed the consequences of hatred?

It, too, costs money, I know, but it might be more constructive, and more in line with the society we still are, than the paranoid knee-jerk we have become used to since 9/11. — Hans H. Stroo, Medford

Headlines of county budget cuts and yet another death (suicide) in the Jackson County Jail (MT, May 22) lacks surprise but reminds us of unanswered questions:

1) Who will replace Sheriff Winters, the tax-revenue waster who allowed abuse of inmates and inmate suicides during his tenure?

2) When will the Mail Tribune investigate the violence and suicides in the jail and the taxpayer money Winters wastes on lawsuits? Wrongful death suits, denial of conceal and carry permits, withholding public information from the Tribune — how many lawsuits has the sheriff lost and how much taxpayer money has he wasted?

3) When will liberals wake up and stop supporting the ACLU in Portland, who chose to bury their own draft report exposing abuse and neglect in the Jackson County Jail?

4) Are not all of the above parties culpable for the status quo until they do the job they are paid to do? — Derek Volkart, Talent