I have heard the Medford police will crack down on certain types of firecrackers this Fourth of July.

I have heard the Medford police will crack down on certain types of firecrackers this Fourth of July.

I never had a problem with the Fourth before moving to the Rogue Valley eight years ago. Now I dread the holiday. It has become "Fourth of July week," with noise beginning at dark and continuing until midnight. Being kept awake several nights in a row becomes very hard on me.

Good luck to the police in their endeavor! — Barbara Vlahos, Central Point

1. Cut the commissioners' salaries back to what they were originally, $55,000. That will save $150,000.

2. Give the county administrator a $200,000 credit on the $643,000 loan and pay no salary. That will save $200,000.

3. Stop the construction of the public health building.

The above cuts could save $500,000.

4. Reduce the sheriff funds by the amount used to go to California to eradicate pot. He takes the SWAT team and pays with our tax dollars.

5. Freeze management raises until the financial conditions can warrant raises.

6. Stop the sheriff from purchasing big-ticket items that are not warranted. Quit paying for his personal truck.

7. Cut the number of SWAT teams in this county to one. Why do both the city of Medford and the county need a SWAT team?

All of these cuts should be made before any new taxes are levied. — J. Hughes, Medford

On behalf of the Medford/Alba Sister City Association, I'd like to thank those who supported our recent fundraisers. We had a successful raffle. The winning ticket holder received two round-trip tickets to Alba, Italy.

Our first "Taste of Alba" event received considerable positive comments. We would especially like to thank Medford's downtown restaurants that welcomed participants with a taste of an Alba, Italy, wine and a special hors d'oeuvres.

Twenty-six Medford high school juniors and seniors participated in our student exchange this spring. After many months of fundraising and community support, they were able to spend three weeks in Alba, Italy. We look forward to hosting the Italian students in the fall.

Our sister city association is committed to continuing the connection with Alba, Italy, that was established over 50 years ago by Medford Mayor John Snider. Your support is appreciated in achieving our goal. — Mary Jo Follett, board member, Medford/Alba Sister City Association

Shame on you for taking our decorative statue of kids sitting on a bench out of our front yard. We bought it 12 years ago at Harry & David. It's been in our yard ever since. Hope it looks as good in your yard as it did in ours. — Ernie and Muriel Gallo, Medford