The Jackson County Roads Department hopes to complete almost $21 million of road improvement projects over the next five years.

The Jackson County Roads Department hopes to complete almost $21 million of road improvement projects over the next five years.

That list includes several ambitious plans, including a complete overhaul of a section of Table Rock Road, several upgrades to a stretch of Lozier Lane, and a direct connection of Foothill Road with Highway 140.

Documents provided by the Roads Department shows federal funds will pay for about $15.8 million, with system development charges and county road funds picking up the remaining tab, along with $850,000 in funds provided by a local improvement district. The list of projects will go before the county's Board of Commissioners next week at its Wednesday public meeting, held at 9:30 a.m. June 26 in the Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium.

"We really made an effort to go out and identify every road that doesn't meet standard," county engineer Mike Kuntz told the board at its Tuesday public meeting.

First in line are two bridge projects that will pave the way in 2014 for the bulk of work planned on a 1.5-mile section of Table Rock Road between Wilson Road and Elmhurst Street. The stretch is about a half-mile north of the Four Corners intersection of Table Rock and Vilas roads.

"That's just laying the groundwork for next year's project," Kuntz said.

After the bridge projects are complete, crews will get to work on the main phase, which includes widening the road to include a continuous left turn lane, a pedestrian footpath, and the installation of a traffic signal at Wilson Road. Realignment also is planned for Gregory Road's current staggered intersection. The project's total estimated cost is about $2.8 million.

Roads Department officials also will focus on a stretch of Lozier Lane in west Medford that runs from West Main Street to Stewart Avenue.

The estimated $7.48 million project is planned as a three-phase undertaking, with work planned from 2015 to 2016. Following engineering and right of way acquisition, the road would be widened to accommodate a center turn lane, sidewalks and bike lanes. County officials have said the Lozier Lane improvements will improve safety. In 2012, a hit-and-run driver struck and injured three juveniles, sending two to the hospital.

A mile of roadway on the Tiller-Trail Highway, north of Shady Cove, also is on the county's radar. The section runs between mileposts 43 and 44, and is believed to have last seen improvements in the 1930s.

"And it looks like it," Jackson County Roads & Parks director John Vial told the Board of Commissioners Tuesday.

Kuntz said the county hopes to spend $4.9 million to straighten curves in that section, hopefully reducing the number of crashes. Kuntz said there have been five serious accidents in the area reported over a three-year period. Retaining walls and slope stabilization work also is planned to reduce the incidence of rock slides.

The plans also call for extending Foothill Road north to Highway 140, where it would connect with Atlantic Avenue on the north side of the highway. Drivers traveling between Foothill and 140 now must negotiate two 90-degree turns.

The project, scheduled for 2016, would include a signal and is estimated to cost $1.8 million. Much of the property along the three-quarter-mile stretch is in the county's undeveloped Hoover Ponds Park.

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