Size matters

Several years ago, when then candidate Obama was accused of being a big-government supporter, he attempted to dismiss the question, saying the size of government wasn't important, that only its effectiveness mattered. Well, now we are beginning to discover why he denied being a big-government candidate, and what he meant when he wanted government to be effective.

Only within a massive government is there enough cover to avoid responsibility for the insane actions our current administration is carrying out. In this way, our government is quite effective. It is targeting certain groups for IRS mistreatment. It is illegally applying for warrants against "objectionable" members of the press. It is spying on its own citizens without constitutional warrants. It is attempting to bypass the right to keep and bear arms.

I fear for my nation when I realize that this partial list of abuses and usurpations closely resembles the accusations found in our Declaration of Independence.

Take the time to read our founding documents and discover why our situation is so frightening. The American colonists took on, and defeated, the biggest, baddest army in the world, when its "big monarchy" leader, King George, continually mistreated his subjects. Could it happen again? — Jon L. Hornbeck, Central Point

Jordan is safe

County Administrator Danny Jordan "is worth every penny, he does things other counties are not doing, he could make far more in the private sector." Well, what exactly has he done that is worth "every penny"?

If he can make far more in the private sector, then why doesn't he go to the private sector? When did public tax-funded jobs become such a cash cow? Who was at the helm when all this budget crisis came down? Danny Jordan.

Seems to me he fell asleep at the wheel. These commissioners are going to have to come to the realization that this is not a rich county and the salaries they approve for themselves are just not appropriate for this area.

They will be cutting budgets of county facilities such as the sheriff, which will cause people to lose their jobs. I guess they really don't care about anybody else but their own pocketbook.

Danny Jordan should be ashamed of the job he has done. The county is in trouble but he is safe with his extravagant salary. — Karen Hughes, Medford

Not celebrating

I hope the Jackson County Housing Authority is celebrating how that low-income housing complex on Spring Street has been started. I worked adjacent to one of these complexes for several years. The traffic (including the ultrasonic sound systems), the screaming kids and people hanging out across from our building smoking were nearly unbearable Monday through Friday. Once we even had to call the police at 11 a.m. to address the loud argument right outside our window as it was frightening an elderly client. I can't imagine putting up with this 24/7!

Is this really the only place JCHA could find to build, or is this just its way of trying to make the people that own their own homes and built a pleasant neighborhood feel guilty about their successes in life? — Elaine Wheeler, Central Point

Take a moment

A reminder for all who knew Ric Sayre. Ric passed away two years ago on June 21. Take a moment of your time today, the longest day of the year, to remember how he affected your life. — Chuck Taubner, Ashland

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